Strategy questions

I noticed that with second base and secon reserch lab times are halved; is it true also if i build there a manufacturing? If it’s so, if i build a rifle with two manufacturing centers where will the rifle be? base 1 base 2 or dropship?

Is there a way to know where i have scanned ?
Once you are friendly enough with factions you have the world covered; my two bases are in east Asia, more or less Tibet and Shangai so i know that Europe Africa and America havent been scanned but in Asia i remember having done a scan but i just remember somewhere in Siberia and scanning twice the same area is a waste. Unless it already exists a togglable colored zone showing scanned areas would be nice

In last campaign, Asia based too, i had a lot of warnings from European settlements being attacked but going there is four five max lenght jumps and once i’m here ahlf the times the problem was solved one way or the other. How can you manage such events. The prblem is going to appear even in this campaign because there are two red zones in eastern Mediterranean and Mexico Gulf, very far away from where i’m, expecially the america one considerd that the ocean cannot be crossed by the dropship and i need to pass from Kamchatka and Alaska (Like when playing Risk)

I just researched alien containment. The capture weapon is a melee one; should i try enroll as many berserkr as i can to be able to have a few people able to use them or an assault is enough?

Store is global, so rifle will be “in store”.

No way to know where you have scanned (been requested in multiple posts so hopefully Snapshot is aware).

You can’t manage events that are too far away.

Anyone can use the Neurazer (paralysis weapon to capture aliens). But you will have to possibly apply the effect multiple times. The Neurazer applies 7 paralysis (if I remember correctly), so for a worm 1 is enough but for other aliens you need 2,3 or even 6 to land (until the “PARALIZED” status appears after a hit). Beware that the effect is reduced by 1 each turn so if you plan to stay multiple turns apply one more for security.

OK but will it take half the time to build one with two labs manufacturing or i can only start two, or one while the other lab build something else

What does 7 paralysis mean in terms of HPS? Having the enemy wounded by bullets before the paralysis, like in XCOM, will help?

Other question:

When you load the squad in the dropships it says 6 of 8 used; that means that i will sooner or later research a larger and maybe faster ship?

Second factory halves the time (but still a single queue - so building a Manticore is going to prevent you from building other stuff for a long time). I don’t know what happens after your third is built but I guess it takes one third of the time.

I’m not sure about the relation of Paralysis with remaining HP or Strength or Speed. Globally, each soldier or alien has a number of “time units” that it can use. Applying 7 paralysis means that you remove 7 TUs from the alien. The question is how do you know how many TUs this alien has. I’d need to investigate more, but Yokes found that it was linked to the alien’s HP divided by 10. So a fireworm would have 6, a mindfragger 16, … I had the feeling it was related to speed but need to dig deeper in it (know what I’ll do this evening with my assaults).

I don’t remember this, but once you get to 50 with other factions, you learn how to build their “planes”. Anu’s Tiamat has 8 spots but slow, Synedrion is quick but smaller (haven’t built one, can build only one plane per base).

Other question:

In the top bar, near the values for tech, resources and food there are some values that show how the value changes. Food is easy, you build the food farm and it makes 8, subract the number of soldiers and you get the value, -2 for me now but i have more than 1k in storage so i have better use for the res to build another farm.

What are the facilities for tech and resources and what should i do to be able to build them; i’m running short of resources and places to trade them and alien dont always drop their weapon, crabs never but it’s an implant of an MG in the arm, even if you kill them with bullets so it’s hard to get them to sell

It’s not perfect, but areas where there are few or no grey blips haven’t been scanned, as the factions only reveal the havens they control, and the grey blips are only revealed from scanning and a few story events.

OK, for paralysis I have more studying to do. The number where odd.
I had only Arthrons to study (those bloody mindfraggers have a great AI, they stay hidden and you see them only when they decide to take over your guys). But two types of Arthrons with different characteristics.

The first mission, I would need to apply 16 paralysis on them which could correlate both to their HP (160) or their WP (16).

The second mission (nest) was odd. They had 120 HP and 15 WP (perfect to check which one is used). Applying 12 paralysis (Athena sniper rifle) wasn’t enough to have them “PARALIZED” (however, they wouldn’t do anything the next turn), 15 did get them “PARALIZED”. I waited several turns (killing all others that dared show up … so lots of them), down at 11 the Arthron would still be paralyzed so I have more digging to do (and needed to sleep).

Will try to get new test subjects by voluntarily let some eggs hatch. And potentially try it on my own troops … for science.

I opened another thread but i can delete it and we continue here.

I tried two times:

forst a mindfragger wounded and bleeding: took a few hits, at some point gotr paralyzed message but it didnt stop his animation, just stopped moving around, and after some turns died

last a crab that i killed with the needle after some ten hits, probably having missed the PARALYZED message; he was badly wound and disarmed but not bleeding