[Spoiler] [Tips] The Last Resort (final mission for Phoenix Point)

I’ve just finished The Last Resort for the first time, without external tips. It has exceeded my each and every expectation; the final boss is superb. The mission is infinitely more difficult to me than the LotA sites. The below is for the guys like me who have not brought a priest with a level 6 (ward) ability. I played on Veteran.

  1. I’ve cleared the first two zones (all except for the boss) without a scratch. How? A dream team with state-of-the-art Legacy of the Ancients weapons.
  2. The first wave (zone): have your troops positioned in front of the beasts, but far enough so that none of them could spot you. Next turn start launching grenades (it’s best to have the Rebuke LotA bazooka so that the missiles are infinite; if you trigger boom blast + rapid clearance (Heavy + Assault), you can shoot infinitely and generally kill all arthrons alone. Finish off chirons with Scorpion sniper rifles and harm the closest Scilla. If you are lucky enough and the farthest Scilla rushes forward first and blocks a way to the closest Scilla, they will be harmless and all will be finished next turn.
  3. The only trouble is the last boss (the boss will be “cursing” all your visible team members so that they harm their neighbours too; it can also induce panic). It will also “curse” your snipers even though they will remain hidden. I had no priest to shelter the team from those curses. So it was not easy. But I’ve found out that berserkers with Ignore Pain are completely immune themselves too. So take your time to put your Berserkers in front and they can do it all themselves. You can hide others from sight of the boss or with a priest.
  4. Obviously, you should disable as many eyes as possible to reduce the boss’ HP.
  5. A technician is very useful on that mission. First, he can deliver some 3,000 damage per turn by manually shooting from a prepositioned Laser turret into the boss or a Scilla. Last, he will be healing your guys.
  6. My only actual loss was when an arthron appeared from a hole and killed my sniper with his pincer the same turn. Another arthron appeared from another hole and shot at my technician with his machine gut so that the Technician had 1 HP remaining in the beginning of the next turn. Be mindful of the round holes in the ground!
  7. The virophage injector that you pick up at your starting point won’t be useful until the very end. Do not seek a way to apply it to the boss while it’s alive to one-shot-kill the bastard.

Psychic ward does not protect against Mark of the Void :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s “void” or “pure” damage, not “psychic” damage.

I’m surprised that it didn’t affect your Berserkers… Are you sure it’s because they were Berserkers?

The way MoV works is that the final boss will cast it once per turn, if possible each time on a different operative. But he can only cast it on characters that cross the rock outcroppings a little after the Gate, so if only one character is in range, he will keep casting it on him. (Actually, he will even cast it on mind controlled Pandorans :slightly_smiling_face:)

The MoV afflicts the character who receives it, and any allies within 5 tiles, so the trick is to keep your guys a little apart and keep moving.

The Great Artichoke… I mean, the Big Bad Boss… is very vulnerable up close to Rage Burst.

Thanks, Voland.

  1. My berserkers were never affected unlike other classes even being close to affected (marked) soldiers. Worth checking!
  2. I think I’ve got multiple soldiers with the Mark at the same time, even not standing close to each other. If it is indeed for one soldier at a time, there is no need to hind behind rocks really. I’ve done a lot of hiding which hindered my progress. Another obstacle was that the monster first kept only side walls open, so I had to come real close and climb lateral mountains; could not use my sharpshooters. When the boss finally turned to keeping one of his front walls open, it was finished in two turns.
  3. I’ve never used Rage Burst thru the whole game as 1) heavies are seldom used by me (I see you have an opposite strategy, but I just take other classes with the Heavy Weapons Proficiency perk), 2) prior to the boss, everything worth several volleys from a short distance was being killed from a long distance with snipers, etc., so I didn’t even think of Rage Burst. Well, Adrenaline Rush does the same magic: four volleys instead of five, but from a long distance.

PS: I see that you do not have the “virophage injector” goal listed. I suppose this means that this boss has to be fought in other endings rather than Phoenix’. Which ones?
PPS: Your video looks sharp and damn good: do you use the 4K resolution? My iMac cannot run the game smoothly on 4K

Well, I saw that tip about Psychic ward here: How to defeat the final boss guide(my only way)(spoiler alert) Didn’t read the whole article or comments though.

Yes, what happens is that the Mark of the Void is a status effect.

So suppose on turn 1, the Boss casts it on operative A, and on turn 2, on operative B, on 3 - operative C. A (and any friendly within 5 tiles) will suffer damage on turns, 2, 3 and 4, B (and any friendly within 5 tiles) on turns 3 and 4, and C(and any friendly within 5 tiles) on turn 4. And if two operatives with MoV are within 5 tiles with each other, they will suffer double the damage.

But it is also cumulative, because if the boss can’t cast it on a different operative, he will keep casting it on the same guy, and the MoV will do more damage each turn.

Note that the reason he may not be able to cast it is not because some operatives are hidden, but because they are out of range (his range extends up to some rocks just outside the Gate, so if you keep all you operatives behind the gate and just send in one guy, he will getting MoV every turn, and die very soon).

Spoiler ahead it’s the same mission for all the endings, only the Mcguffins vary. On this playthrough I went with Anu

Thanks, I don’t know why tbh :slight_smile: It’s not 4k

Windows has a pretty decent sort of Xbox related software to do the recording.

Yeah, there were quite a lot of discussions about this. My theory is that Mark of the Void simply didn’t work until maybe the Danforth patch, but many players thought that it was the Priest protecting them from the damage, and when it started working assumed it was a bug. Then the devs came out and said it’s not a bug, it’s a feature, that “void” damage is “pure” damage.

Personally, I think the main difficulty many players are having with the final boss is that they try to keep their distance from it and attack it with snipers, when the easiest strategy is to mass rush it.

I am surprised that Ctulkhu worshippers of Anu could dare to kill the source of Pandoravirus (i.e. the Reciptacle). And it was not evident from research tree here https://phoenixpoint.fandom.com/wiki/Research But I’ll still pursue some other ending when the next DLC is out.

It says “1” in properties. I thought this means the effect lasts one (this) turn.

You have no Anu classes in the video :slight_smile: