Sorry to bother again

But as this forum were so helpful and friendly last time.

Yeah I’m starting to really love this game after moaning about it pre 1.6.

Doesn’t have the polish or crunch as the Xcom 2 titles. But once you get past animation/sound and character customization this game is much more rich in pretty much everything. And how the lore has been implemented into the game. As I said I really like this game, finally and for better or for worse it could be my next addiction.

  1. Strength means how much you can carry but it also has an effect on paralysis damage. Does it increase hitpoints?

  2. Is it possible to keep the Pandoravirus from winning by just destroying the lair bases and lairs or is there a timescale you need to progress through the story with?

  3. It’s hard to have the resources to manage everything so should I try and prioritise building up bases near mist outbreaks?

  4. If you decide not to help the clearly batshit crazy Pure do you still get an opportunity to research their tech later? Just wondering.

  5. It’s a bit of a struggle (for me) always switching from one plane to the other (it’s not xcom 2) and scanning while saving a haven… Is there a maximum amount of bases and Planes you can get? Because if I can keep increasing my cap and getting 10 planes it will be very easy but too micromanagement intensive.

  6. What is the point in haven goodwill? Better prices?

  7. Any point in ever replacing the Hell 2 cannon?
    So far in my 5 attempted and now certain (if I don’t mess it up) to complete playthroughs it seems pretty OP.

  8. Stealth. I recently “bought” an infiltrator. Wow there are a lot of different mechanics in this game (might explain why I’m on my third attempt post 1.6 to complete this game. Tooltips maybe!?), and he is a pretty powerful and interesting class… But why how/do his mechanics work? I kinda get stealth, enemies don’t notice you as much… But the infiltrator? I shot a pandoran moved into cover and he was invisible again…

  9. I bought the last DLC and saw the first cutscene which makes me want to rescue the doctor but I’m worried about adding even more complexity to a game I’m just starting to understand after 50 odd hours. However the lore great. Should I worry?

  10. Do havens spawn with the same factions in the same geographical areas each time? Just wondering again.

  11. Living weapons? Where? What tech? I’m 20 hours in and no sign of them.

Thanks. And you are an awesome human being if you can just answer a couple of my questions.

Strength determines global hitpoints (1 point of STR = 10 HPs) and paralysis resistance in a 1:1 ratio. So you can tell how much paralysis damage you must inflict on a creature to paralyze it by looking at its max hitpoints. Because disabling limbs reduces max hitpoints, it also reduces paralysis resistance. So if you want to paralyze a tough Panda faster (like a Scylla, for example) disable its limbs.

No, the Panda’s will just keep replacing bases with more bases, plus the mist itself will slowly kill the human population & it’s nearly impossible to stop that. You can slow it down with certain technologies on synedrion’s side of things but never stop it.

Yes, once the faction that has access to the certain technology researches it. You can either ally or steal it then.

Stealth is a mechanic based upon the units stealth factor (percentage based) & is matched with the spotting units perception stat. So say if a Arthron has like 20 perception and your infiltrator has a 75% percent stealth factor that means the arthron will spot your infiltrator within 5 tiles

20 (units perception) x 0.75(stealth factor percentage) = 15 (modifier amount)
20 - 15 = 5

But compare that to a Triton with enhanced perception (perception value 60) and they’re able to spot your infiltrator within 15 tiles. Weapons on the other hand don’t immediately reveal you, but if you’re using a non silenced weapon your unit will create one of those red sound echoes (like when you see when an enemy shoots at you from beyond your LOS) which reveals to the Pandoran’s the you have a unit there but they just can’t directly target your infiltrator yet. And when an infiltrator get’s spotted they stay revealed until you either use the vanish ability or you break LOS from the enemies for an entire turn. Then your infiltrator will go back into stealth.

Pretty sure this is a no…
I’ve started 2 campaigns with the Necronomicon patch and have so far witnessed vastly different Haven locations. Except with Synedrion, they seem to have similar locations. But that could be a coincidence… though it does seem that Synedrion always have a Haven in Antarctica.

No better prices, these are fixed for every faction (best prices: Anu for food, NJ for materials and Synedrion for tech).
The only consequence for heaven reputation is, when it falls down under 0 you cannot trade and recruit at this heaven.

It is a very hard hitting gun throughout the whole game and more accurate then the Deceptor, so yes, there is no need to replace it till the end.
But for Rage Burst it is not as good as the Deceptor, if you want to get more out of this skill then the MG is a better choice.
Also later there is a Heavy Acid Gun and this one is called pretty OP. But it deals (huge) damage over time and not so direct hard hitting.

Yes, at least a bit :rofl:
For me it is a nice addition but you have to invest time and effort to get all the new stuff. And you will search the forum to get all the needed answers for the questions you definitely will have, some of the new techniques (like mining the new ressources) are badly explained in the game.


After the Arthron research you get the starting point of a chain of 3 missions to get the armor and the 2 weapons

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I’m not sure if it impacts recruitment costs. I know that reputation with the Faction does.

Really? Never realised that, so it must be pretty low?

The faction reputation discount is more than noticeable with experienced recruits.

Maybe I never realized that because all my faction reputation goes almost up and the recruits cost almost the same the whole time. But as they are more experienced later on they should be more expensive. :thinking: