Something is wrong with Synedrion Nano-Tech

I wonder if I don’t fully understand the mechanics of Synedrion nanotechnology or if it’s a bug.

This question has been on my mind for some time. After the Danforth update, I played a few missions to try out the new features. I noticed that, for example, my allies Synedrion soldiers received absolutely no damage from pandas’ poison (I reported this with F12 as a bug). I myself shot a Synedrion soldier with the Priest Sniper Rifle (10 viruses per bullet) without effect. I had this experience about 3 weeks ago, but have not seen any fixes on patch notes …

So is it now a bug or some kind of invulnerability to damage over time?

What exactly does “first damage point” mean?
a) The first impact (only once).
b) The first impact (with each new impact).
c) The first impact (on every part of the body).
d) The first (only once) damage point is reduced by 1.
e) The first (with each new impact) damage point is reduced by 1.
f) The first (for each body part) damage point is reduced by 1.
g) …?

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I reported with videos in Discord, too

Devs are aware of “Nanotech” problem

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