This would solve everyone’s issues over difficulties and balancing:

If you had the ability to turn the TIMER on and off at the start of a new game, but achieve victory the same way by killing the end boss. In fact I would love this it would allow all the time you need to research anything, build anything, explore anything. Then if you lost men who cares you would have time to replace and train! if you lost a base you would eventually repair it, you could really be able to get into in and fully explore ALL the factions and side missions. Everything else could stay they same outside this but the game would only end if you were able to take out the final boss, evolution stays, mist spread etc… Now that would be one awesome game! AND… It would NOT effect anyone who did not want to play this way (the could leave the timer on) and it could still be as hard as it is now because it is all about the TIMER when you boil it down. I could live with it being difficult as long as I had the resources and time to recover from the hit.

So simple solution:

1: just add the ability to turn on and off the TIMER in any level at the start of a new game
2: Play could chose any difficulty they like and decide if they want to add the pressure of the TIMER
3: It would not effect the game in anyway except for those who turn it off

PROBLEM SOLVED… and you can make all the “balancing” you like and keep everyone happy at the same time!


That’s not a terrible idea. “invincibility” cheats have always been popular, so I don’t see what would be harm in disabling “loose conditions” for those who want it.

I would recommend posting it as a suggestion on canny.

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That´s a great idea. I hate time limits that prevent game exploration.

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What is the TIMER?

Absolutely agree. I’ve been calling for that to be part of Second Wave Options for months.

It won’t solve every problem (though Second Wave Options could solve most of them), but it would certainly help.


It is the game timer, the game will end before you can finish it if you don’t do everything on the list fast enough it stops you from fully exploring or trying everything the game has to offer you! It is the red bar at the top right hand side of the screen, when it runs out GAME OVER! No matter what you have left to do… It really needs to have the option to turn it off at the start of the game.

Just did thanks for the suggestion

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Don’t you prolong the game by defending havens - and by this gain more time to do what you need to do or would like to do?
Or does the game end on a specific date no matter what I do?

Defending havens slows down the approach of the end. If one does not defend havens and destroy enemy bases, the game will end in defeat. The time is based on the player’s difficulty level.

Yes I did not mean all the issues with the game I just meant that this would allow time to fully explore everything, test, research and work out strategies etc… the list of benefits is huge! But balancing and bug fixes will always go on of course. I will probably never play this game again until they add this feature as it frustrates the hell out of me every time they mess with it, unless of course I had the time and resources to get past it. Then it would be a challenge not a frustration worrying that the game will end before I can sort the problem. Such a simple feature would dramatically change the game for the better and at the same time not effect any “die hard” players who did not want it… as it would be a CHOICE! as it should be… It really is that simple!