Armor replacing other armors (annoying)

So After unlocking and using the mutations from Anu, I noticed that an armor was replaced on one my members with the basic heavy armor, well it has happened again and only when I’m messing around in the mutation tree, and equipment, even if I don’t apply any mutaitons. of course having a beserker and sniper in heavy armor isn’t the best idea and is quite annoying.

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I’m curious, what (aside from the movement penalty) makes heavy armor bad for berzerkers? Mine gets shot to hell trying to go into close combat so I was considering putting him in heavy armor.

mutations exclude armor

yes, but this bug replaces other squad members armors, not the mutated soldiers

Speed is everything for the Berzker especially when your trying to taser with em

This bug can be replicated by previewing a mutation, not confirming it, and switching to either Training or Equipment tabs and exiting that soldier’s screen from there. Next soldier you look at to mutate will have their armor replaced with the armor of the previous soldiers.

Equipped armor is not unequipped by this bug, it is overwritten and lost.

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I have noticed the same thing happening with weapons. I’ll equip say- a sniper rifle, assault rifle and first aid kit on a character on the Deploy screen. When I enter the mission, all 6 of my character have the exact same load out - armour and weapon.

It’s especially irritating when character get weapons they cannot use - or unique (other factions’) items disappear.