soldiers' classes

Please apologise immediately for my English. I use an translater.

I’d like to stay in the soldiers’ classes. They lack the importance of the basic profession. When we get a multi class, they all become on the same face. With the rare exception of individual features.

Please consider making a soldier’s basic (primary) class unique by adding unique “stitched” abilities to it. These abilities can not get other soldiers by choosing this class multi class. For example: Stormtrooper’s dash is given initially (from level 1) and cannot be received by another class. It begs that Heavy had a unique opportunity to clean the area with a cone, as it is done in the overwatch (in my opinion, in the early videos I saw it). Berserk can get a sewn ability to invulnerability to mind control. And so on…
All these skills can not be obtained by choosing these specializations multi-class. As a result, we will get an increase in the importance of the initial specialization of the soldier and more individual …

In my opinion, it is obvious that all skills should work once in 1 turn! Why it is not clear - I wonder! There should be no spam skills. Now it is not a tactical game, and spam of the same combination.


Player can choose to be single class or multi-class role until they reach their max level, but having focus on single class in squad would be very difficult since the base game mechanic encourage player to deal with many skill treats in battle…meaning player’s have lot of different way to win the battle.

What Argado is suggesting is that each class have an ability or two unique to it that can’t be accessed via dual-classing. The example is an Assault having Dash but a Sniper who dual classes to Assault wouldn’t because Dash is the Assault class unique ability.

It’s an interesting idea which would make an Assault/Sniper different from a Sniper/Assault. Might make a nice mod.

Ah I see, isn’t we already have these sub ‘unique’ perks for each individual but random, yet their main role is still there.

+1 I agree

Sort of. It’s the same basic idea but expressed in a more concrete form. The random traits do make individuals slightly different but don’t really affect the core class dynamic.

I don’t know it just doesn’t make sense ‘Assault/Sniper - Sniper/Assault’. If player allowed to have multi-class (in this case player only have 1 class to choose), that mean they are sharing their main ability/perks to be use. For what reason there’s some exclusive (strictly) ability for multi-class, Imho it may reduce way of ‘freedom’ for the player on approaching enemies in battle. Anyways we can choose any ability we want to add to our character isn’t :sweat_smile:

OP idea is perhaps good, I saw it quoted before, some skills available only without multi class.

That said about 1/4 of my 30 soldiers are mono class. The reason is I use very few global skill points, I have been froze by using many SP on a soldier and lost him soon. :slight_smile: But also I decided keep a large reserve for flexibility to manage the final, I have close to 500XP left. :slight_smile:

This is to explain that:

  • It’s roster building, and if currently build a single class soldier looks less fun, it’s not important in context of roster building.
  • Moreover if single class looks pointless it’s only by using a lot of global SP on some soldiers. You can’t boost attributes and pick multi class and use only few global SP.
  • Ok you can pick multi class and boost attributes and use only few global SP, but then you need design a build picking much less skills of both classes.

So limit the number of global SP used on one soldiers is an option to consider to make much more significant Single class builds. And complement this by a slower SP increase cost for late attribute points.

I won’t dare to say OP idea is bad thou, I appreciate everyone ideas. People have different taste :smiley:. Come on OP let discuss your ideas…I’m not into debate for sure but having discussion. Man feels liek ima a bad person here, I just try to grasp the idea - perhaps it can be implemented in no time, without waiting from new patch/DLC/Addons for it. And yea I’m confused as well :sweat_smile:…feels complicated.

Let put in simple way to understand, is that mean more depth of character build for each individual? adding more ‘exclusive’ skill for a single character/soldier instead of generate random sub-skill for each class *which already in the game, or let say I want ‘Dash’ or some skills exclusively for Assaulter, so I only need to put those skill for Assaultr ~ which already provided in current game base as well. If the case is add more ‘new skills’ (it doesn’t matter exclusively or not) or add something that will affect the game balance which lead they need their counterpart.

I’m not sure how the game mechanic generate those sub-skills is (*which is intersting), it appears randomly for each class no *cmiiw.

It’s not looking that complex but the devil is in the detail so who know.

There’s 3 random personal skills, this let 4 slots free, I think OP suggest put personnal skills in first 4 slots, and special classes skill in 3 left slots. If you pick multi class special class skills are disabled. if you pick one of those special class skills multi class is disabled.

EDIT: For me the problem is attributes, they are even more removed to focus with such solution.

Understood…what I do not understand is the point of disable ‘skills’, for what reason it need to be disable the skills once player choose multi-class?

Hmm as I mentioned before, in general any kind of skill to limit them in use it will affecting the way of ‘freedom’ for the player. Which lead us as a player into linear approach, similar happened in xcom2-mutant zero. I feel PP break those rules a bit and I really like it.

Imho as for the attributes issue and for the sake of balance, a random values for the attributes may solve the problem, for instance random critical hit, random attribute on armor and so on without loosing any balance.

Disable is to work as subclasses, at some point you have a fork and need choose between two branches.

i also like a lot the wide field of experimentation pp offers, I don’t have any single soldier the same and from far, 28 now but there’s some more through death and they was unique too.