If you don't side with one of the 3 warmongers

… you are left with throwing stones for weapons and your 4 initial recruits. What gives ?

PP needs some identity on its own IMHO. Adds real choices :slight_smile:


Because, as the story in game, in the launch trailer and in the lore stories, PP was already destroyed when the story of this game begun, thats the confusing part for most people. There is technically no Phoenix Project in this game. We are just a bunch of randos trying to figure out what happened to PP and trying to survive in a post apocalyptic world with everything we can grab.

You can still have a more elaborate tech tree based on the pandora mutilations you find and recruits can come from independent groups if you really need a lore for that.

The problem is that, unlike the backer builds, in the released game there are very few independent havens. And the game isn’t called 4 random soldiers play at being archeologists, but Phoenix Point.

It is quite likely that with all the DLC the game will reach a point where you will actually play the Phoenix Project and have stuff to do as the Phoenix Project. It is possible they just didn’t have enough content ready yet.

My plan is to return in a year when we have all the DLC. Perhaps then the game will be something I’ll enjoy.
Currently, this promise from the store page is just not part of the game:
"Lead the Phoenix Project from its base at Phoenix Point. Research and develop new technologies and techniques, plan operations, build alliances to unite the planet-- or simply destroy your rivals. "

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You’re not Phoenix Point at the start of the game this is true, but you do become Phoenix Point born again by the end of the game.

I feel this is 100% appropriate to the name of the game.

Myself I find very weird that there isn’t more neutral havens, and even worse that they never allow recruiting. The game allows a pure PP end, but the pure PP path isn’t here.

It’s too late to change that in the game but for me the work around the factions isn’t very satisfying for story/decisions/mood.

There are neutral havens…

Nobody said there aren’t. People say there are very few.

Very few and no recruits, they would be a nice way to provide cheaper recruits, more standard and less well equipped but still.

EDIT: Woo in my current play like day 22, still no neutral Haven at all, and have not explored only China/India/Australia area and two America areas.