"Sniper" misses 11 shots in a row


Just finishing up a mission where my “sniper” missed 11 shots. All 11. Ummm. 11. All of them. Like every shot.

Please make snipers more sniperish.


I suppose you know the shot system in Phoenix Point. All shots will happen in the outer circle, 50% of chance in the inner circle. Maybe you where to far away or have obstacles in the way.

See here: Getting Started - wiki.phoenixpoint.com

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Highly unlikely to happen. Without screenshot portraying the situation it is hard to tell what happened. If you tried to hit a toe showing from around building corner… well that could happen, that all 11 shots missed. :wink:

I could only see the problem if enemy was in the open space few tiles away from your sniper and then all of his shots were missed.

Like Lobo said… there could be some invisible impenetrable obstacle on the way which prevented shot to hit its target.

If there are obstacle between sniper and target, it is possible to miss all shots. If you use manual aim, you can see, if it is possible to hit the target or not.