A rookie asking about shooting in game

I might be lost or just too old to be up to date but where has the % of hitting the enemy gone?
So I do like that you might aim for yourself at a enemy that is a really cool feature although I am too unsure to use it atm.

So in this picture 120 means, 120 is the hp of that enemy and 10 is the armor. Am I right?
But how do I determine if a shot is likely to hit or not or does it not matter anymore!?

I might be wrong but I find it very upsetting when you end your mission and it asks you if you want to renew all the ammo or grenades of your teammates but when you load into your next mission people who ended up with empty magazines, still have an empty weapon and you need to reload it manually.
I mean how is the one thing automated but the other “obvious” one not.

Hey, you have to use your mouse wheel to “zoom” and manualy aim where you want a shot to hit. It’s the only way to be sure about the damage that can be done. You have 2 circles. 50% of ammo are quaranted to go in the middle one, while 50 % are guaranted to go on the larger one. If a single shot is fired (sniper for exemple) you are guaranted that the shot will hit “somewhere in the big circle”. Note that the bar you showed on your screenshot is somehwo misleading.
Most ennemies have different armor values (crabmen, especialy). If a crabmen show 15 armor for exemple, you can end up shooting at his shell, that have 30 armor (and therefore do 0 damage with a starting riffle) While a leg, for exemple, can have 0 armor and go full damage. So manual targeting weakpoint is especialy usefull with them early on. It can also be a good idea to aim at their arms, weapons etc, to disable the most dangerous effect in case you can’t kill them for this turn.

As of the magazine issue, it’s actualy a non issue, you have to equip your soldiers with one (or more if you eat ammo) magazine during mission preparationa nd ensure you have at least a dozen more mags in your armory. Then all your soldiers will reload between missions automaticaly :slight_smile:

So it is gone. Ok then, I will use the focus button more often now to decide where to shoot if % doesnt matter that much.

The thing about the reload is they dont reload automatically that’s what I was trying to say.
I have 2 mags in their body container at all time but still some of them start the mission with empty weapons or half empty magazines.
Whats adding to this, when out of a mission in your base, you cant reload the weapon by using a magazine from your storage. Or I dont know how to do it yet. It’s not self-explanatory designed. You have to click the +ammo button which mages a new magazine instead of using one you already have.
Well I do hope the’ll patch that up in the future.
Thanks for the help!

Yep no flat % showed on screen, it need a little time to be used to it but actualy it make more sense so you visualy see what can be an issue for the soldier aim instead of having a rough number that sometime reflect strangely what can happen :stuck_out_tongue: (all thinking about this 95% shot that miss 1mettger from target :’))

I may have not explained as i should but engluish isn’t my native language:p

the ammo magazines your soldiers have in quickslot (or backpack) cannot be used by them to auto reload between missions.
They will only use ammo clip that are stored in the base, if available. Otherwise, you have to use the little + button near the weapon to buy / craft / and apply an ammo pack manually.

You can craft them instantly in the factory at the cost of some scraps (even if you have a building queue, ammo will be proceed instantly in priority^^) ^^

Well what makes “more sense” might be a matter of personal preference. The new XCOM’s went way overboard by going full science on that % and made it a mathematical real % generator which made it that you even missed some 99% shots. Old xcom was not that hardcore and it was always nice to see a % in where you could guess how possible your shot was (just considered by the distance). And therefore you could distinguish and decide if you would rather try to hit Alien A or Alien B. But there is never and advantage without an disadvantage in any case.

Well I said that I know about the +ammo button already so I dont know why you repeated that part.
What I was addressing was that this button creates a new magazine and wastes ressources when you already have magazines in your storage. I miss the picking up the ammo clip and droping it on your weapon reloading thingy so to speak :wink:

Oh well, about the alien A or alien B choice, the little red icons, upside your action bar and showing what can be targeted by your soldier are actualy doing this for you (somehow) as the first icon on the left is ever the “more visible” ennemy, that will cover the bigger part of your aim reticle (and therefore having the more chance to be hit) while more you go on the right of the red icons, more you’ll have to rely on luck (cause ennemy is farer that the other, partialy in cover etc). Still, having a giant crabmen right in front of a rifle man and having a really big chance to “hit him” doesn’t mean you’ll be able to “harm him” if he is covered by his shield / shell. So sometimes the “pure percentage” (or in PP case, aim reticle coverage ratio) isn’t ever a good data by itself and is very situational ^^

Please, can you link me where it does say that the icons are sorted by easiest to hit to least?
I just had the situation where I could hit 4 targets and the first one was barely visible and nearly 90% of the body was covered by a shack, second target wasnt easier to see and even further away and then “oh surprise” target nr.3 was very close to me and 100% visible. Hmmmm
Maybe this was an excepting but I think XCOM had this with the icons being sorted. Can it be you are mixing this up with Phoenix point?

Nope i’m not mixing with xcom, its from observation only. While sometime not evident cause a lot of environement assets are not well rigged and some have physic block where you see nothing, while other (like coralls, some trash can etc) appear like their are cover but are totaly non physics and therefor can be shout through.

Sometime when you aime a dude, move your cursor on every part of him, especialy “near” covers, you’ll see his health tooltip “disapear” even if you’re visualy on a part of him, it’s because the game thing, regardless what you “see” that their is a wall or something blocking the shot. it happen a lot when you shoot near a wall, some covers, corals one nnemy tunels etc. Visualy clear, but not really cause the game hide some environement hitbox :confused:

I have to correct something you said. 100% of the bullets will land in the blue circle while the bullets have a 50% chance of landing in the inner circle, but it isn’t guaranteed

But you have to admit it sounds very “new” XCOM like :wink:
So far I couldn’t tell just by observation that the enemy icons are in any way sorted but maybe they will patch it in or its just broken atm. Maybe I’ll start seeing it too after I have more hours in it.
All in all it wouldnt make sense to sort it though cause there is no real “% to hit” in this game anyway.

Yep it look definetly like firaxcom on this part, witch is mostly intended i guess as it make it easier for players caming from this games ^^
Their is an indirect % chance as the “aim reticle” coverage act somehow like it.
It’s just more visual than flat percents. If the ennemy have “visualy” his body on 1/3 of the aim circle, you can suppose that you have around 33% chance that your pellet will hit. While if the circle is fully on enemy, it’s technicaly a 100 percent chance to hit (still not guaranted that you’ll damage it as the part may have more harmor than your pellet, but a poke on the shell is still a hit :p)

In the inventory screen you can generally see how many bullets are in the mag by hovering over the gun or looking at the magazine. There is a small vertical bar that says Ammo+ next to the weapon press this and it will top off the weapon or add a magazine to your inventory from stores, or it will create one.