Missing 100% chance to hit 33% of the time

What is going on with the game the last few weeks?
My people with very high accuracy have started to miss about 66% of the time even when the entire targeting circle is on the target.
Also, they have started to hit stuff that is NOT inside of the targeting circle like other team members and walls and such missing by a crazy amount. I just reloaded 3 times because of this, one of the shots was so far off that it was like 3 people to the left of where the shot was suposta go, Hit a wall way left.
This is really starting to piss me off. Something is really wrong I think.
(2 quick shots [Team member 1] and 1 normal shot [Team member 2] (miss and hit a wall way left.))

Example of the worst one so far this encounter: http://prntscr.com/vsm3b0

David M.

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Just did it again…
One more try and I’m done trying today.
I’ll play something that works.
***ok I’m done did it a 5th time.
Off to play something else.
David M.

I think you’re using an AR?
That shot’s going to miss bullets, regardless. Arthron’s going to move head out of the way halfway through the burst.

That said, is that part you hit part of the cover the soldier is nearby? Looks like it. If that’s the case a shot that’s to the far left will actually clip the closer target (because it’s actually in the way, despite what the distances and perspective might make it seem).

I’m using the Pythagoras VII, It has never missed this much as it has the last 3 times I have tried to play over the last few weeks. It always hit within the target circle. Never way off like that.

Note: I just thought of this, Not 100% sure but I think every time its been this bad it’s only been on this one map. Maybe some testing is in order. Though I don’t know if I really want to it is so irritating.

And they hardly move at all in slow-mo like that when your targeting.
If the item is in the way then it needs to be put in the way, it is clearly NOT in the way, you can see that in the image. If the game thinks it is then it needs to be fixed so it shows what the game thinks it sees so we can accurately play the game. There are many other times when you target it clearly shows something is in the way so I don’t see why this would not show that, If that is indeed what is happening.

If this is how it’s going to be from now on I can’t play past this point.
Just a few shots that are on target missing like this is the end of my whole team when I’m in an extreme threat fight. And almost every fight is now an extreme threat now at this point in the game.


I’m not sure, but I heard of many of such problems when the hitbox doesn’t fit precisely some of the items, mostly obstacles that are parts of the maps.
The hitboxes are essential to decide if you hit such an obstacle or not and they are mostly way more lower in detail to preserve resources (which is generally a good thing). That can lead to the problem you described (which is of course not a good thing).
But again, I’m not entirely sure if this is really the case in your given situation, just a guess that it could be.

From looking at the screenshot the problem is that the cover is interfering with the line of fire.

There are a few weird cases like that when free aim seems to be showing clear line of fire when in reality it isn’t, and you end up hitting your own cover.

I’m not sure exactly what does it or why the target is not shown as obstructed, but it happens with triangular/trapezoid covers, like if the barrel of the gun was positioned to the left and didn’t clear it.

One thing I do when I’m not sure is check what happens when I snapshot-aim. Does the aiming reticle position itself somewhere other than center mass? Then probably something is obstructing the shot.

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The other clue is that body parts don’t highlight in free aim if the target is actually concealed by a scenery hitbox. If you move the target around in free aim, you can determine the actual size of the interfering hitbox.

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Im just gonna leave this here.


I just fired 4 shots from a crystal bow and hit once. The only part of the entire Pandoran that wasn’t covered by both the inner and outer hitbox was a sliver on the top corner. I MEAN A SLIVER!!! Like a millimetre of space. Three of the shots found that spot. FIX HITBOX; IT IS GETTING ANNOYING!!! I expect to miss when I should hit, this is not the way a game works. It does not prolong the play by making you miss more, it creates an intelligent environment and AI that doesn’t lean on expected misses to get the pandorans more time on earth.

I just reloaded a sniper shot 8 times and missed in the space of a sliver 7 of those times; the rest of my targeting reticule was all mob, including the outside circle, before finally hitting the 8th time. Why is the philosophy of Phoenix Point always miss first or hit obstruction first? Why do I have to save the game before every sniper shot? Please fix this, and it doesn’t make the game more challenging; it makes it more unrealistically annoying in terms of aim and hitbox.


Interesting. I had totally different experience. I rarely miss with such shots. So for me there is nothing to fix.

I would really like to see video with such cases.

Yeah, that is strange. It used to be a thing in the past because enemy didn’t stop idle animation during your own shooting animation, but that is no longer a case as far as I know.

Maybe the cause are not the “loaded miss chances 7 times out of 8”, but somehow bugged hitboxes in your case? It won’t do any harm if you post an in-game bug report if you think there is something wrong in you case.