Sirens should be immune to Neural Disruption

That is a cheap way to destroy their main weapon…. The Mind Control ability!

Sirens are leaders in battlefield, should be capable of resist psychic attacks. And Pandoras need to be stronger in late game. In my opinion, player should have no defences against Mind Control besides destroy Sirens head.

Sirens should be immune to Neural Disruption | Voters | Phoenix Point


So I disagree with you, there should be more than one defence against something that players can discover, rather than blowing the head all the time. It’s a sandbox game so different tactics should work rather than the same one all the time.


Turning the more powerfull enemies and their abbilities harmelss destroy game imo. We need fight, no slaugther

I never said slaughter I just pointed out that different tactics should be of use rather than just one. A fight can be hard or easy but must be fair according to the game/world system. It is one of the hardest things to do to create a balanced fair game system that covers all players abilities.


I disagree that Sirens should be made immune to the Neural Disruption ability. Even when their psychic powers are nullified, Sirens are still tough, fast and dangerous enemies that can still attack effectively using their Slasher/Injector Arms or Acid Torsos. The Neural Disruption ability of the Disruptor Head seems like it was specifically meant to provide players with a hard counter option against enemy psychic powers. It’s more reasonable than having to outfit whole teams with Clarity Heads/Ignore Pain to protect against Mind Control, or having to kill/head cripple every psychic enemy before they get close to your team.

But I do think that there is a case to be made that Neural Disruption should be rebalanced due to it nullifying enemy psychic powers a bit too effectively and easily. Maybe it could be changed so that every time an enemy is Neural Disrupted, that enemy only has their Will Points reduced or has their Will Point cost to use abilities increased, for example.

If Neural Disruption in its current form is overpowered, what suggestions might you have for rebalancing it?


It must be rebalanced, maybe a short range to make effect also, and some turns to recover and be used again.

These are better solutions. Generally, I dislike siren can mindcontrol more then one unit at the time, coupled with nice movement - makes it sometimes overpowered enemy when they have where to hide. I believe 1 unit mind controlling 1 unit is just by all means :slight_smile:


I’m here more on the side with Lobo. Overall I don’t like Neural Disruption. Such powerful skill working on any range and disabling most of enemy abilities is just bad in my book. Sirens are commanding units. They should not fall prone to simple mind trick (or tech trick) of a human, at least not easily.

If Siren should be immune or just heavily resistant to such attack is main question. Maybe complete immunity should not be granted to Siren… but surely it should be for Scylla, no matter the circumstances.

For Siren? Maybe I would introduce mechanic, that if target has more Willpower (so maximum allowed WP) than caster of Disruption, then Neural Disruption works in one of below ways:

  • casting it costs double WP to the caster
  • there is check made, if current WP level of target is higher than current WP level of caster then target is immune. Otherwise can be disrupted. Sirens would be immune most of the time, until taking control over something.
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