Fix the Overpowered Sirens & Quantities

Sirens are too powerful. I entered a defend Haven mission and there were 6 Sirens. I am still in early game. I haven’t even built my first gauss weapons yet. What in the actual F~~~!?!?!?!?

Not only can they cover the entire map in 2 turns, they take control of all of my soldiers. I can shoot them in the head and disable their head. Doesn’t matter.

Then, whenever a Mind Controlled soldier attacks me, my soldiers are stupid enough to shoot back. They should be smart enough to NOT shoot back at a friendly who is mind controlled.

Sirens are too armored and have too much health. They should not have more than 2 max in a given mission and they should not be as armored nor have as much health. My NON-mind controlled soldiers should NOT shoot back at friendlies who are mind controlled.

Come on guys, give us a hot fix. Sirens have made this game unplayable for me.


Maybe post this in the thread that’s already got a bunch of replies instead of starting another one?

This forum should be filled with this topic until it is fixed.

I have figured out how to kill siren’s effectively, or how to deal with their mind control ability. That is, if I can deal with them one at a time.

Had a mission last night where there were 4 sirens at close range from one another. That is impossible as far as I know. I reloaded a geoscape save from before the mission and ignored it.

The key to dealing with sirens is their will points. Destroy their head which puts their will points to 0. After that, you just have to keep them from recovering. They wont stand still to recover if you have a soldier in line of sight of them.
Viral weapons, are also very helpful to knock down their will. Also, it is important to have your soldiers with a decent will point pool. When they Mind control it costs as much will as the soldier they are controlling. So, if your soldier has 16 will, and the siren mind controls them they will be down from 30 (at full) to 14. You only have to knock it down to less than 2 for the mind control to break on next turn.

If they mind control 2 of your soldiers, they will be pretty much out of will points if both soldiers have a decent will pool. I have all my soldiers with at least 12, if not up towards 15ish.

Note: this is on normal (veteran)difficulty.