Sirens: Feedback

I have seen a lot of people talking about Sirens in the forums, so I thought I would put in my two cents.

I think Sirens make for some fun fights. The first time I encountered one, it dunked me. So, I have a healthy fear of them. However, they are completely manageable with the right strats, i.e. using shred, disabling the head, pumping tons of damage into them, and keeping your distance. The mind control, while annoying, usually isn’t lethal for those controlled, so if you clean up the Siren quickly, you can get your trooper back. As I said, I think that they are fun.

What I would change:

Personally, the only thing that I would change about the Siren is the AP cost of Mind Control. And I would change the cost for all instances of Mind Control, for the Sirens as well as Phoenix Point operatives and Anu Priests.

I think that making Mind Control cost 2 AP would limit the ability’s power, and offer options for counter play, while still allowing for interesting decisions on the part of the player. For instance, if Mind Control required 2 AP, the Siren would have a choice of moving or using the ability twice. It would no longer be able to dump 4 move actions and mind control two people. Further, this would allow counter play with an ability like War Cry that reduces the AP of the Siren to 2. Now, the Siren can either move, or mind control, but not both.

In my opinion, this would be the best way to curb the power of the Siren, while still allowing for some exciting battles.


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Great suggestion! I really like the AP cost since it feels a bit weird that mindcontrolling someone takes just some will, not any actions. So a lvl2 priest can shoot twice and even slave someones mind too!

I would just add maximum number of sirens per battle. At the moment encountering endless number of them in a lair feels cheap. Also maybe spawn less of them in haven defense, 4-5 is a bit too much when you are running from artillery too! They should feel special enemies, spamming them just makes them a pain and after a while a bore.

I don’t see how mind control is fun, the only single game I remind using it in an interesting way was POE2, all other just generate quick kill requirement or shoot from long range only.

If there’s more in PP then explain in details, I didn’t saw the points.

I would defiantly change the range that she can take MC. It need s to be closer. It’s fun to try and keep your troops away from her, a mini game in itself. She is OP atm and needs something reducing and this would not only nerf her, but add to the fun.

Ha mm ok, I can’t say I didn’t think of it, but didn’t tried yet, quick kill mainly and some range, not some chase/flee.

Another approach is to just mind control back. :slight_smile:

It’s not like the ability is unique to the Pandorans.

My small advice.
If you can always try to reach high ground. At least for me it was much easier to kill Sirens. Incendiary Grenades help also.

Thanks, I had only one soldier that could do it when I stopped play (wait next patch) but yeah that’s cool there’s this option.