Shouldn't it be possible to load game during enemy turn?

Sorry in advance in case I’m doing anything wrong but I’m not able to load a game during enemy turn.

Sometimes it becomes obvious that the battle is lost, then it becomes too painful and irritating to watch all my soldiers get killed (for example), while waiting for the game to let you load the saved one. Escape key just won’t work. In some cases you can loose an extraction mission on the very first turn, meaning that the before-mission-autosave will be overwritten and you will lose the equipment, such as deployed turrets.

Please let players use the escape key to interrupt enemy turn to get to the menu. I hate watching everything go straight to hell after a misclick, in the slowest way possible. It’s a separate issue - how painfully slowly most of animations are (jetpack jumping, ladder climbing, triton turning after each move)


Old school mechanics is no disturbance during enemy turn, you pay all the consequences.

Could some CPU interrupter be introduced, its on team to answer.
Vote up the ticket that corresponds to idea

Paying tribute to the oldschool classics does not mean inheriting bad user experience decisions. I believe that there’s Ironman mode, specially designed for user to pay all the consequences :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link. Upvoted

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Agree that we need to be able to hit escape during enemy turn to restart the mission etc. Most games allow it - it has nothing to do with “Old School” has more to do with “Updating a game to be more fun and less tedious”. There is plenty of “Old School” stuff that “Sucks”, make games where the UI and process is simple and user friendly.

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I agree that one could improve, there are certainly long enemy turns (Palace, Special missions etc.)
Vote it up and I hope they will reconsider, that could be time saving feature!

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