Please let us pull menu during enemy turn

So my squad just got wiped out. It was my stupid mistake, but it happened. The frustrating part is that I had to sit and watch the inevitable play out for five minutes. Hint Snapshot - I want to play the game - not watch the computer play the game. It was literally faster for me to just force-quit the game and restart than it was for me to wait for the enemy turn to end.
That’s goddam ridiculous.
Other games allow me to pull of the menu and reload or restart a game any time I want, not just during my turn. It would be nice if there were a way I could do that - or at least skip the theatrics and fast-forward the enemy turn.


This is already reported here.
I’ll add a link to your post in there.

I just added it:
You should probably make an account there to leave feedback. This is what the devs use directly as far as I know for feedback on the game/features/bugs/etc.

Thanks. Not sure where ‘there’ is for making an account. Maybe as a compromise we could have a speed control for enemy turns?

More specifically, this {Options menu at enemy turn | Voters | Phoenix Point} is the where the report is (linked above on the word “here”):