Shield AP Cost. (Why do you screw over the player?)

Every enemy that has a shield can deploy the shield for free. They end every single turn with it regardless of how much AP they’ve used.

So I figured: “Hey, it’s really annoying having to deal with the shields enemies always have. I’m going to get my own and turn the tables. It’d be nice to be able to leave my assault units out in the open behind a shield so I can take full advantage of my turns and shoot twice from a nice open position.”

No. No, that’s not allowed. What, you thought you’d get to actually expand your tactical options like the enemies? HAHAHAHAHAH.

It costs 1 AP to deploy the shield.

The AP cost itself isn’t unreasonable but the fact that enemies don’t suffer the same AP cost makes it unreasonable.
Listen up devs. There’s a thing called “Balance” in games. It’s not just about difficulty, it’s about fairness. You put in place a set of rules that players expect to be obeyed by both the AI and themselves. That’s the framework for tactical gameplay. By letting the AI cheat you just make the game feel unfair. And yes, giving them combat options that cost no AP or Willpower is letting them cheat. The whole point of AP and Willpower are that they limit the amount of actions you can do with one character in a single turn. It’s encourages you to use your available actions carefully to maximum effect.
Letting enemies just stick up a barrier at the end of every turn for free while not letting the player do the same is just unfair.

My suggestion: Either increase the cost for AI deploying shields to 1AP or reduce the cost of players deploying shields to 0AP.
Alternatively, swap the AP cost for a WP cost. Ideally for both enemy and player but at least WP is more reasonable for a player to pay to have the same benefits most of the AI enemies have.

Honestly, it’s decisions like this that give the game a mixed rating on steam. No-one wants to play a game that feels unfair.

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Shield deploy cost is not really the thing that feels unfair in this game. But I won’t list these things here.

Player until DLC4 had huge advantage over almost any mix of enemies. Since DLC4 it may vary. Sometimes player will have even greater advantage and sometimes he will be screwed.

Shield in case of player needs to have higher cost as it is more flexible item:

  • There is no proficiency for it so every soldier can use it
  • It is the most powerful shield (aka it gives best protection) deployable by small units.

So it is most powerful such tool, thus giving it AP cost is ok in my book.

If every Pandoran or Ancient or Pure could deploy such shield then I would probably feel cheated. But only some hostiles in enemy ranks can do so with less powerful shield. And in case of Arthrons and Hoplites these shields are quite vital for their survival. Without them they would be sitting ducks.

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Maybe we can find a compromise? The arthrons and ancients are purpose-built to use a shield, so it makes sense that they could deploy it for free. Maybe a PP soldier should be able to deploy a shield for 0AP if they only use a 1H weapon (or no weapon) this turn?

Hard to say if it would be ok then… Maybe

Maybe add a personal perk “Shield Maiden” that allows some benefit while wielding shield

I think the shield is pretty good and nice. But their really isn’t an upgrade or class feature using it at all and unless you’re specifcally using the juggernaught torso, it falls off really quick.

Give Heavy “shield proficient” that reduce shield Ap cost by 1