Screenshots Thread


I did a search and didn’t find a screenshots thread for us snappy backers. I decided to make one, self evidently. Here are some fairly typical but somewhat interesting screenshots from my afternoon sesh.


Crab King taking a nap.

Crab Queen about to eat hot lead.

I just like Richter holding the medkit in the mid-ground.

A view down the bridge.

Unauthorized Toilet Cam!

Get that thing outta here!

This uploaded out of sequence.


Stoller delivering a headshot. All hail Fort Bacon!

Ganging up on the Pincer-Crab.

Dead by Thomson. It’s like dead by daylight but far more threatening.

Geoscape, lootbox and Dead-Crab all in one frame. Golden.


nice thread idea. They could make it an automated system that will screenshot the operation’s highlights.

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Are you suggesting that Snapshot make this an official thread?

A few from the new backer build.

Hammer, meet hammer!

A typical tuesday …

Strangers in the streetlights.

Just needed one of the turret to show the build.

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Party time!

Last stand.

Nice shot … of the pistol.


How to help you soldier to not become one of them? True New Jericho way!

oh and this one from BB2, monumental presence :wink:


I really should have taken a screen shot of that crabman wedged into the ceiling… :confused: (I think he tried to shoot a granade from inside the building, and it didn’t go as planned)

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Ah those two are also fine :slight_smile:
Mist after grenade. Looks little furious:

And nice prairie reflected in the building windows. :slight_smile:


is that, a wheatfield!?

who knows, ask developers responsible for external look of the map :wink: It was background of living quarters in haven defence.

The worst mission ever, and I have proof!!!

WHAT THE?!?! Did you modify the game files? I think you are going to need more soldiers than that! :smiley:

When will the aliens learn, never group up when there are heavy launchers around!

And an old one from last campaign. Two base attacks, at once, both outside flying range. In a real campaign, this would REALLY suck. Instant loss of 2 PP bases.

There is some beauty in this mad world.

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Who would say this is Phoenix Point… definitely not me a month ago. Place looks like underwater setting and here some squidish Star Wars creature meets some Vault Dweller.


Could be nice alley if not some individual…

Now we bring more light to this place (i like that highlight of enemy)

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I want my goodies

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“I’m so spliced up!”