Scavenging pointless but game too easy isn't it?

For once not some raging against a game but against the eternal complain, “it’s too easy, facepalm one more game for idiots, ridiculous game beat it in 2H, too easy killed 100 enemies in one turn, blah blah”.

I complain also those players because from observations they can only beat easy games. And if you ask them what game is too hard there’s none and they beat any RPG with a nude mage.

Can’t you brag in another way than complaining again and again it’s too easy?

No thanks to all those eternal complain, now we will get nerfs and nerfs and nerfs and I’ll be in my tomb when they’ll finally bother fix pointless scavenging missions, for sure if the game is too easy, it’s a pointless tuning to do.

:rofl: I’m with you there, mate.

As things stand, scavenging is utterly pointless from mid-game onwards. As I’ve said before, they need to double the amount and HP of resources, and then it might just be worth the risk, if you’re desperate.

But right now, you don’t bother to scavenge for resources because you know the Crabbies will have 1-shot the barrels before you can even get to them.

I agree that some have put an insane amount of bragging. They found an OP hole and brag on the game being too easy.
The game isn’t easy if you don’t use them.

Well a raging, not that I don’t think what I wrote, but have done it is pointless, there’s always a tendency to that, no matter the game.

Yeah I raged after crabs destroyed in one attack 3 containers. It’s not even the main problem which is later they are a guaranteed lost of resources because of stuff used during the combat, this let just a few global skill point, but more one mission type you end never do very fast.