Please more missions with ressources - late game

I encounter the following situations in all my campaigns:
Whereas in early game I have a goot income from missions, especially in late game my income comes almost to a halt, since I have to travel far in miss many haven defense missions.

I know, some people will say: Then work with more then one attack squad:
But: How shall I do this, since recruiting is very expensiv and I barely have one strike team and one team defending Base 1.

It could be balanced by simply spawning missions with ressources.
Maybe Festering Skies will change that?

We have some plans to make better use of scavenging missions later in the game. Providing more sites with better rewards (but that will be more challenging/fitting for a higher level squad). This will be a change to the core game.

Defending Heavens grant many resources. I never make scavenging missions after Pandas start to attack factions.

In late game i had 25 soldiers and more ressouces than i could spend. In the whole campaign i didnt make any scavening missions…
From the beginning i Trade with food. But most ressouces i got during heaven defense and story missions. In the late game i had more than 4000 food and enough of any ressources. Just Trade, heaven defence and give away all Equipment which i dont need…
Only this Mutation thing i had too less. Perhaps i built top few of those buildings. Dont know. Had to wait until i got enough for my last Mission squad.

But scavening missions need a rework. Too less ressources to earn and the risk is too high. But i Think snpshot knows and will fix it.
Even there should be easier scavening missions in the mid and endgame (of course with less ressouces). These Mission are needed for the second and third squad members to earn XP.

Correct, see Improve Scavenging Missions