Scarabs <Spoilers Ahead>

Just finished reading Briefing #6.

It was interesting to read that each of the Scarabs have their own AI, and they were released to the world to keep them somewhat hidden. I’m assuming we would find them on Points of Interest, similar to what happens in The Barrens.

I wonder if the in-game Scarabs would have the AI as part of your squad as well, and if they can gain EXP and skills similar to your regular soldiers? Would be cool if they did.


Interesting question. An AI vehicle would have a tactical advantage over one that requires a driver (like the NJ Armadillo does), perhaps at the cost of being less armed/armored. I dunno about experience, though…XD


AI module upgrades, research can be somehow linked to Scarab performance in the field?


I expect enemies (that survive?) to have same gains as we do.

They need tactics to survive. Xcom somewhat used it, but let units also act on their own chances and I find that satisfactory, with need for AI improved. Fireaxis Xcom used warping squads (“discovering” enemies) to counter basic squad tactics, but that is highly unrealistic. Long war somewhat fixed this with enemies rushing on their own and in groups, while I did not find that “really squad based enemy AI”. What will PP bring, I hold high hopes in team.

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