How do I reload a PX Scarab in the field?

I just built a Scarab and used it in a mission. After a few turns I saw a notification that I couldn’t fire it again till I reloaded it, but there was no option shown to reload nor could I find an inventory screen for the Scarab. Does it not reload until I end the mission back into the Manticore?

You can’t reload vehicle weapon.

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the scarab will recover ammo as time passes on the geoscape

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well, welcome to reality, you just spent your time for nothing. The scarab is a useless piece of metal with some rockets… no reload, why would you? where do you think you are? war?


Yep, like all the “Elite” units sadly.
Scarab seemed to be the only usable of the 3 until I realized that after a few shots it just gets demoted to a bad damage magnet.
Mutog is still the worst of the 3, the poor thing cannot kill a lone siren any day, has less hp and alot less armor than the average heavy and gets shot to hell from across the map because its hecking large.

Sadly all 3 of the large / “Elite” Units are not worth the space their taking :frowning:


A whole bunch of cargo, upgraded weapons, an expansion created solely for vehicles, the year is 2047…no way to reload it…I mean its not like they could reload tanks in WW2, like 1943. Oh wait…they could.