Scan Complete Should Show Area On Geoscape

So I am running multiple scans and when a scan completes there are no indications as to where that scan was. I have to carefully review the Geoscape “trying” to remember where I was scanning. It would be extremely helpful if the view in Geoscape moved to the area of the complete scan.

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If you click on the little radar dish icon on the Geoscape once, all of your previously scanned areas will be highlighted in green.


Thanks, this I did not know. However, even this isn’t very helpful as I am constantly rescanning areas tryting to locate newly created Citadels, so most of my map is greenish when I use this option.

Oh holy crap. I did not know this. Thank you for this information!

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Doesn’t cut it. The problem is those green areas are extremely hard to see on some surfaces and under some circumstance your ship will start scanning immediately when you click it even once.

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I am pretty sure, scanning system is getting revamped anyway.

Is it coming with Cthulu?

Very interesting ! :slight_smile: looking forward to it.

yes, in less than a week. :wink: