Interesting Geoscape Bug

I have an interesting bug on my geoscape. ALL of the points of interest on the map have been revealed. Not explored, but they show up even though I have not even come CLOSE to doing an area scan of the entire planet.

I mean I am in Africa and have not flown to the USA side of the planet yet and still all the points show up so if I wanted I could fly to the USA.


When you get good enough diplomacy score with a faction, that faction reveals all havens of the faction around the globe. Do you see only the faction havens or other points of interest too?

Yes, but I have enough diplomacy with all the factions. I am talking EVERY spot is shown. All with ? in them, save the ones I have explored.


I have a screen shot of what I am talking about, I have not been anywhere near all these spots, but still it is showing all of them.

If this happens again, please use F12 to bug report it

Ok, I didn’t know thats how you did it…I will do that. I am going to play out the game. IF I can, I have restarted 4 times already because I keep getting SLAUGHTERED! Me and RNG of any type don’t mix…:slight_smile: Love the game so far though.


Yeah, had the same bug with whole map getting randomly revealed.