Game keeps freezing when you are about to complete the Yuggothian Receptacle mission?

Have any of you experienced this issue? this issue occurs when I am about to nearly kill the receptacle, it freezes when it’s its turn. The spiky walls go up and the game just thinks and does absolutely nothing.

To overcome this issue, I had to manually restart. This problem then occurred again about 4 times where I have to manually restart the game. Why is this occurring? As we really want to complete this mission, it has been a frustrating journey.

Thanks you.

This has been an issue with this mission. Until they fix it, one needs to save often during the mission. Sending F12 bug reports should help them find the various causes.

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There should be a banner “To be continued…” in the last mission, but it has too many shaders and verticles and hangs the game.

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Great idea… will start doing that. Luckily I saved my game before going in. So will restart the mission and save every turn.

Also thanks for the “F12” bug report option which I never knew.

Thank you and take care!

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If you don’t know: ‘F5’ for quicksave and ‘F9’ for quickload

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