Saving Dr. Lewanowski bug? (mild spoiler)

So i did the mission where i had to save Dr. Helena (?) Lewanowski, and i saved her without her getting shot, and all my soldiers.
When i got to the end of mission screen, i get the following:

So it seems the game thinks i failed?

The Dr. Helena is a character on the map. You sure you didn’t just go indiscriminantly and killed everything you saw ? Cause it sounds like it. Aka you killed her … so you need to do the mission without killing the one character you try to save. Yes, she is among the enemy fighters, but the enemy won’t try to shoot her, so you are the only one that could have killed her. Yes, when you walk next to her, she is like any of the civiliens or haven defenders, and she then can be controlled by you.

Yeah im sure that she was saved without so much as getting shot at.
I got to her, activated her and evacuated her from the evac zone. When i get to mission end screen, well, you see the result above. Has to be a bug.

I read that i should hold off on this mission tho, so i loaded the save before i started the mission and have been avoiding it since :stuck_out_tongue: