Russian Translation of Sniper Perk

In the game Sniper have a perk to low cost for shot and -20 to accuracy but in Russian it says the sniper have +20 to accuracy (experience of play shows that it’s really -20). So It needs to be fixed. And some minor translations errors (I can’t remember them all) which are not so strong for play and for story, just a little bit confused because some phrases must be translated different.

Also I offer my skill to translate all future stuff in Russian if it’ll be needed.

Quick shot does in fact improve accuracy (smaller targeting circle).

Yeah, that wording is correct, the skill does increase accuracy quite substantially.

not a quickshot

however my sniper missed frequently when activate this perk… so strange

Some players suggested break the skill in two skills, quick shot reducing AP but with some aiming penalty, and concentration shot with Will cost as current quick shot and increasing aiming accuracy.

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It SHOULD reduce accuracy, it’s a quick shot after all. I would agree to that change, too much of a No-Brainer currently.