Role of Civilians in Phoenix Point

Will there be civilians in the final version?
Base personnel in base defence missions?
Civilians rescue missions (those abducted by mutants for experiments, breeding and food -)?

Share your thoughts what cool features can be made with civilians in Phoenix Point.


Yokes seems to believe there will be, though I’m not sure where (s)he gets that from.

It would make things really interesting if on Haven Defence missions, the Haven defenders reacted to our PP squaddies based on how unfriendly/friendly to PP they were. For instance, perhaps they had a small percentage chance to fire on PP squaddies, based on how many red bars their leader had.

It would certainly make weighing up who to go and help an interesting decision.


The faction members will help defend their havens, in the havens invasions.

Not sure if there will be civilians, but I would say yes. In that regard, Firaxcom went the full route: save civilians in terror missions, escort important players, rescue faction members from spy missions. PP will do the same.

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Btw, they followed my old advice (well, probably they never read it, but I offered that long time ago on “official” 2k forums) and added resistance fighters in WoTC in terror missions. However, it would be cool if some civilians would run/hide in panic, while others take some kind of weapon (sticks, clubs, wrenches included -) and try to attack enemies. And we do know that animations for that is there already. Resistance fighters are like normal faction soldiers, they are not 100% civilians.

Would make sense to raid an enemy faction’s base while they were being attacked by mutants, possibly scavenging for any bits that you can find in the midst of it all.

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Sounds like they took a leaf from LW2, Azimuth.
Depending on the mission, the Resistance Fighters there can be armed and come under your control for the duration of the battle. LW2 Haven defences are really interesting, because you can have a mix of armed allies, unarmed civilians you have to rescue - and Shapechanging aliens who can jump you if you get too close without being careful. So there’s a challenging balance of racing to rescue people, but remaining cautious enough not to get caught out.

If PP Haven Defences can capture some of that vibe, it will be awesome.

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Goals on Phoenix Point Roadmap. :wink: There are civilians mentioned. I suppose there will be some of them on Haven attack/defend/infiltrate/steal missions. Maybe sometimes on scavenge missions.

I doubt that. Their role will be just as moving targets for any kind of enemy will show up in their Haven, and spotters for their faction.

I think that Haven defence mission will be like terror missions.

Escort I suppose will be only limited to some scenario missions, not the random ones. Because how many important civilians can be out there outside of havens, and how would they communicate that they actually need help from Phoenix Project? Public communication is mostly down.

About rescue I suppose we will rescue our own captured soldiers not the civilians (from Pandora Virus - when we will get tech to overcome their infection and we will loose control of them in other missions, and from other factions - failed spy missions etc)

There can be quite some civilians outside havens, even lore related. One of the main objectives in the final game will be descovering what happened to the Phoenix Project. It can happen that some PP members found a way to infiltrate the alien ranks. Others could have found some points in the planet where, by some yet unexplained reason, the virus has been unable to reach, or has been sucessfully repelled.

That said, FiraXCom escort missions were mainly boring for the simple reason that the escorted ones were always in the open field. If PP puts rescues missions inside buildings, having to rescue scientists trapped in tight corridors or high security facilities, it will be a lot more tense and exciting.

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Somehow I don’t think Phoenix is going to be infiltrating the Lovecraftian horrors, considering they have some sort of hive mind.


Btw. I hope that there will be children models of civilians. It would be annoying to see only adult people in havens. They could even have some special ability to hide better than adults - so maybe they will be spotted from closer distance by aliens. This could lead to greater survivability of civilians. :wink: