Rescue Civilians Missions

In the rescue civilian missions it seems they seem to run towards the enemy rather than away. Sure this is random but annoying when trying to rescue them! Maybe they should run towards Phoenix troops or at least away from the enemy intent on killing them.

Didn’t even matter for me, all crabs had grenades. It was like civilian stroganoff night out there.

Yeah just had crabs with MG’s and grenades it was a massacre.

Yeah, it’s fantastic when you try to heal a bleeding civilian with the technician and the baldy keeps running away.

Can’t trust those guys. I heard they’re actually disguised aliens, anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:


yay, a faceless comeback!

Oh, man, now I realize what the flamethrower is meant for! Here, civvie, civvie! Stand still!

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acid spewing titty snakes were what got 7/8’s of the civilians in my playthrough.
But, My god are those slum levels just beautiful!

The game mechanics are so awesome that it made me wish that this is what Fallout 3 was. There was miniatures game for fallout “Fallout: wasteland warfare” that came out a while ago and having this system for that setting would just be gorgeous!

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I remember seeing that game. Have definitely thought about picking it up.