Overall First Backer Feedback

Phoenix Point looks really good! The visual aesthetic is overwhelmingly delicious, and the contrast between the organic crabmen and the blocky New Jericho soldiers is very fitting. I’m always glad to see a faction taking fashion advice from the UEF.

Limb damage is interesting, though it does create the odd scenario where one of the most effective tactics against a melee brute is to run up to him and empty a clip into his elbow, rendering him permanently harmless. It’s also frustrating that medkits can’t uncripple limbs, leaving a soldier who takes arm damage mostly harmless.

Ballistic simulation and terrain destruction is very exciting. I’m hoping there will be an “anti-material” rifle designed specifically to destroy objects. Also, as many have said, I’m hoping for a more complex final system than objects hitting 0 hp and vanishing entirely, although it’s probably unreasonable to expect Red Faction Guerrilla 2 as bonus content.

Overall, my main thought is “What can you tell me about the next iteration? When will it arrive? What might be in it? This is good and I would like more please”

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I’m really looking forward to seeing the Geoscape stuff.

The plan is (at least) one new build every 2 months, but it’s of course subject to change (like almost everything else in software development).

Sure, but “some time in the next 60 days” leaves 60 possible integers. :stuck_out_tongue:

In the future there will be the engineer (New Jerico) that can heal and repair injured limbs.
Next build I hope :wink:

Future is now and one can heal limbs.
Who could heal limbs for aliens? :slight_smile:

The mist is suppoed to heal the aliens, maybe some support classes will fix their limbs too.