Removing Reverse Engineering From Queue Should Return Item(s)

If one moves a reverse engineering research into the queue but has not actually started the research, the items should be returned to inventory if removed from the queue. Since the item(s) have not yet been dismantled, they should still be available for use.

When one moves items into the manufacturing queue, resources are subtracted. However, if one removes the item from the queue the resources are returned/refunded. The same should apply to reverse engineering queued items.


But if the item has been started to be disassembled, then it’s no longer whole and fully functional. Taking it apart is an easy task. Examining and reproducing it, is the more difficult time consuming task I would think.

So if the process has been started, then the parts would be put into storage. Isn’t that what’s happening?

Agreed, but the way I see it is if it hasn’t been started yet then it stands to reason that no dissassembly has actually occurred yet (I.E. if it’s never been in the top spot of your queue) so the gun (or whatever) should still be perfectly intact.