Recycling removes items from inventory

So items are disappearing from inventory when I recycle. I’m not sure if it is specifically recycling or that recycling is one of multiple inventory actions that cause items to disappear from inventory.

I mean items that I’m not recycling will disappear from the inventory entirely. Often a lot of items, like 3 sets of armor for example.

That is what I thought for some time and is also why it took some time to really prove this problem, even though I had some vague sense that I was somehow losing inventory. But no, some items that I am not recycling are clearly, unambiguously vanishing from inventory. I save-scummed many times and I compared before and after on the manufacturing screen which provides counts unaffected by filters.

I’d love to. The thing is I can’t precisely duplicate the problem. I can’t present a save file with the instructions if you A and B then C will happen. What I can say is if you were take my current save file and start recycling items eventually something (not intended for recycling) will disappear. How many and which items did you recycle? What items vanished from inventory? This seems to vary without any (as yet) discernible pattern. This bug, some very quirky UI error, simply doesn’t neatly match the error duplication template. For duplication I would recommend the following: take some mid to late game save file with lots spare items inventory, go into the character equipment screen, select All and remove class filters, and then just start cleaning house. But make a point to not recycle certain items like armors or heavy weapons and they will eventually vanish.

Also, it looks like at least a couple people have tried reporting this problem since November. And as far as I can tell, there is no awareness on the part of Snapshot that this is an issue.

I created a topic with this issue (reproduceable + savegame).

Thank you. It looks like the game will delete the bottom row of inventory every time you clear X + 1 number of inventory cells, where X is the number of cells in the initial bottom row. Or something like that.