Remove preparing fire for Scyllas Blaster Cannon

Is just to easy to avoid it. I finished the game in legendary and never saw a Scylla using it and damage a single soldier. Player already has a huge advantage over pandora in late game, so let the Scyllas fire without warning… this will increase the difficulty of late game (what is severely needed imo).

Canny Official Feedback Tool topic:

Have you actually ever seen it fire? It will kill anything under maybe 230HP within the substantive blast area (10 tiles wide X 20 tiles deep maybe).

The biggest problem seems that the AI uses it only after the head gets disabled. The spitter head is what makes it actually dangerous as anyone stuck in the goo is doomed.

I’d rather see the code improved to switch to the cannons as soon as the head nails anyone. One turn preparing is fine, they just need to not be the last resort.

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Nope, i never see it being fired, and i finished twice the game (Hero and Legend)… that´s the problem!!!

Tha game has no emotion… Phoenix Point team is super overpowered and in late game is almost impossible to lose a soldier… so it would be nice see Scyllas firing blaster cannons and put adrenaline ingame.