Remove Prepare Canons to Scyllas

Scyllas must be stronger against super human late game teams… removing prepare canons and make them fire without warning would be a nice increment in difficulty.

Remove Prepare Canons to Scyllas | Voters | Phoenix Point

It doesn’t change anything. They can’t hit anything with this attack.

Well i never was hit by it, i tought it was because the advise. So it is broken?

If you will call extreme inaccuracy a broken thing then yes. :slight_smile:

It is broken in both ways, very inaccurate but also devastating in damage.
In numbers, both guns together do …
2 x 10 x 80 damage + 30 shred
with 30 degree spread (Iconoclast has 5 degrees)

RNG at it’s best, but if it hits, then it hurts a lot …

Should be the case, but we know those Scyllas don’t take into account walls and accuracy is pretty bad even in best case scenario:

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This is more likely a worst case scenario for such an inaccurate weapon :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to disagree, behind wall, miles away from PX assets, this is worst case, and it is not unusual