Remove armor in battle?

In the original x-coms you could strip it all, change armor mid-mission, etc. Is there any reason why this is not possible in PP?

XCom and PP are very different, even they look similar.

In PP you have limb damage, that is based of the worn armor. XCom is more like based on statistics, so a weapon has 95% chance to hit, meaning it will miss 5 times in 100 shoots. If with assault riffles, that uses some kind of burst fires, if one hit miss, all hits miss. PP uses a more realistic hit mechanic.

XCom has modable weapons, while PP uses a higher varity of weapons, that adds virus, armor shred, daze, poison, shock, are silenced etc

but does it matter? :slight_smile: I also think that we could use some armor changing rooms during mission :wink:

It could be a think for APC, so while soldiers are in APC, they have full access of the PP inventory, , and a rest room, a dressing room and a whirlpool :heart:

I was talking about the original x-coms, not firaxcoms.

And being different games does not have much to do with the topic… I just exemplified a useful feature in the originals that’s lacking in PP and asked if there’s a gameplay reason for it.

Let me give an example of why it was useful. In the original x-coms your soldiers got tired during the course of the mission and you would lose mobility because of it. So when I was searching for that last hidden alien, I used to strip armor so I could cover more ground even though I would increase my risks. It was not a problem since everything on the ground was recovered when the mission ended.

On PP soldiers don’t get tired during the mission but you have weight mechanics. You may want to strip armor or change it mid-mission for a number of reasons.

The only possible gameplay reason I could think of was assaults exchanging armor without action point costs. They could carry movement/accuracy gear and micromanage for better results without cost. That could be easily solved by making the skill not affect armor parts, which would still cost 1 action point to exchange or remove if done so.

In PP, soldiers get tired, they lose 1 restpower per round, but due to the adrenalin in a match, when your soldiers face the dead, they don’t fall asleep in front of a Scylla. If your restpower falls below 10, your soldier loses 1 AP, if it falls to 0 restpower, soldiers starts with 2 AP. With 3 AP, soldiers can’t rest anymore to regenerate willpower.

I know your intention, to speed up a mission to search the last enemy. But in PP, it is most time less an issue. Sometimes a Panda is roaming around because it did not get alerted yet.

I think its more a balancing reason, you can’t switch armors in missions. Some armors have some unique features like rocket jump or technician repair arms.

Sorry but we’re not talking about the same things again. I don’t mean to be uneducated but I’m a fig backer from day 1 and I know the mechanics of the game, like stamina.

I’m not trying to chase the last enemy either, that was an example from the original x-com, thankfully this almost doesn’t happen in PP. I said it could be used in PP for other purposes… one example is swapping gear, for example if you want to fire with a Hel II canon that has poor range, you could swap your helmet, or if you want more mobility, you could swap your pants for another one that has bonuses for that.

Its micro-management and I probably wouldn’t do it but since this game has a sandbox nature and aims to let players free to choose what they want. This seems contradictory to me and I was curious if there’s a real gameplay reason behind it or not, it’s just that. Balance doesn’t seem like a real reason to me, since you can use any armor part you want with any soldier, you just can’t swap them mid-battle. Also, there are proficiencies and the weight system to limit usage.

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