Recruiting - Needs more info

I haven’t recruited a lot of soldiers (lots of reasons why which I won’t go into), but the few times I want to its frustrating.

  1. You can only see the icons of what the character is: Being new to the game, How the hell am I supposed to know what they are? Throw us a bone! Let us examine the soldier and their skills.
  2. When I do recruit them, they then get transferred to a base. I’ll just pick them up and then group them up with other… EXCEPT ITS NOT EASY!!! There is no simple way (that I have found) to identify the base the troops are at. Sure it tells you the name, but you have to search the globe looking for the bases and hold the mouse over it to find the name. Then you have to click on a ship (which instantly centres on it which is also annoying) and then try and find the base again to tell the ship to go there.