Recruit doesn't work!

As you see

And I can’t do anything about it!
Any click won’t work!

And you can see the name in the bottom right corner is very wrong!

Are you using any mods?

Same case as yours, the problem was a mod:

No, I didn’t use any mod.

Lol, You have >7k, >4k and >5k of each resource and and the HPI is at 98%? How did you manage that?

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The only thing I can see on you screenshot is that the recruit isn’t selected, it changes the colour when selected and the correct name appears in the bottom right corner.

Recruitment screenshot from my game (german language)

Try to klick on the recruit first and if that does nothing then I also don’t know … :frowning:

BTW, you can upload pictures also here in the Forum (but maybe you need a better forum level?).

As I said, nothing will happen even if you select or click anything.
But thanks anyway.

With resources like you have in the screenshot, why are you buying the cheap soldiers? Go to the havens and spend and spend and spend!

This is not the point.

On the contrary, it probably is the point. Whatever you did to acquire those resources and/or other stuff you might have done to make your game easier is probably interfering with recruiting from base.

When you do something to your game in one part it has unforeseeable repercussions in other parts.

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One question:
Have you started a new campaign after the patch or is this an old save from before?
Because old saves will defintively have problems.

And, your screen and description is exactly the same as the one mentioned by @VOLAND who’s using mods: 300 food, this should be cheaper, especially on rookie difficulty, also no base and no recruit selectable.

Sure that you never had mods running? Only disabling should not be enough or some rests from old mods are kicking in, something like that maybe …

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I had a PPDef mod that changed how many of the random perks your soldiers start with. As I explained in my thread, if it’s set higher than 3, it breaks the recruiting page, since that page shows the 3 perks they come with.

Console command.