The red mist that grows over the geoscape

I’m a fairly new player to the game, so I was wondering what the red mist that expands over the geoscape as time passes actually does. From what I saw it harbours Pandoran nests and lairs, but is this its only function?

Another question, is it possible to remove or at least reduce this mist? Because it is expanding at an alarming rate and I don’t know the repercussions of letting it engulf all the havens on the map, but I’m thinking its not good. What I know is that the havens in the mist tend to get attacked often and destroyed shortly after if I do not get there in time.

Any tips regarding the mist will be greatly appreciated.

Except above (expansion on new territories), it also increases probability of attack on human haven when it is engulfed by mist. Also increase difficulty of missions happening inside of mist area.

It is possible to repel it around your bases with proper tech (building).

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Read the fiction. There’s some good stuff in there about the mist. Those effects don’t appear in play much, but it’ll add flavor to your experience.

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I most certainly will, thanks for the help both of you