Quickslots/items show ammo instead of weapons

Arkham patch. Mac version. Couldn’t see this one posted yet.

Eg Heavy has grenade launcher, ammo and health kit as 3 main weapon/item slots. Also has a fury launcher. Selectable weapons in the game view are 1. grenade launcher 2. ammo 3. heath kit 4. more ammo. The fury launcher is not selectable even though equipped.

Some other combos affected too but basically if you have ammo in a quick inventory slot it messes up which weapons you can choose. You get double options for ammo and a weapon missing.

Aside from that, Arkham a great improvement UI wise. Side note, please please please add an option to not unpause the timer on the globe view when you set course with your airship.


I have exactly the same problem with the PC version. It appears to be happening with Heavies. It seems that you can’t use rocket launchers, medkits and sometimes the ammo is simply reproduced. I’ve F12’d it. But only now have realised that it seems to be only with Heavies in different combinations.

Ah interesting, glad it’s not just me. I’m fairly sure it’s to do with equipping ammo in one of the 3 main quickslots or weaponslots (whatever you’d call them). I get the issue with the technician too, where you can’t use their arms. If I leave all the ammo in the main backpack, it solves that problem. However you don’t get the advantage of reloading for 0AP that way…


I have reported days go, it is not only with Heavy soldiers, it is using ammo for Ready slots

Workaround until devs fix it: move ammo to backpack/body and then you can use your weapons (mounted weapons too)

Thanks, good to know

It’s a weird one, because when removing the main weapon from the active slots the problem went away.

This is an old bug that has resurfaced. It was fixed several versions ago, but all of a sudden is back.

Same bug here.

I had a scavaging mission so i equipped all my soldiers only with mainweapon, medkit and spare-magazin in the ready-slots.

in tactical all medkits are replaced with a spare magazin of the mainweapon (ares or sniper).

if i go into inventory (using assault ability to do so for 0/0 points) the medkit is shown, but either way if i

  • drop it on the ground and retreive it (with whoever) it’s again a spare magazin
  • swapping it directly between soldiers it shows as a madkit (pun intended) in inventory screen but upon switching it is again a magazin
  • switching both spare magazins out to two medkits works though, so it must be connected to when a spare magazin is equiped in the quickuse slots (however if you put a spare magazin back in the slot the medkit again becomes a magazin, too)

this bug was there a while ago i think but it’s there again