Questions related to Derleth

All Features sound fantastic! Just few questions about them

Added a new model for the Scavenger Sniper.

Is this new unit? Or what is that Scavenger Sniper?

Added a new set of encounters when a player becomes Supportive, Aligned, or Allied with any faction.

What are those encounters? New mission types? Or in already existing mission some elements added? Or maybe just geoscape event texts?

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It’s a Bandit/Neutral Sniper.

Geoscape events to make sure the player is aware of when their status with a faction changes.


Good-oh. Currently don’t have time to play this, but looking forward to giving it another run when I do have some time free.


Am downloading (will take most of day). So the changes to recruiting really are just info on the geoscape for now? No changes to recruiting from bases yet or change in costs, etc.?

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looks like not this time

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You can see the recruit information from the heaven now as well. Recruiting doesn’t feel like a lottery now.


okay…will be tonight or later…am in the middle of iglooland…internet is delivered by dogsled :stuck_out_tongue:

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These new acid values sound great to me. Amongst other bugs fixed now.

I will start a new campaign, Legend, asap

I was thinking of the proposed changes…so easy to get mixed up!

Some great improvements in this patch

UV, if you see this:

Were there any tweaks to experience? My first scavenging mission against Scavengers, my one assault had a room-to-room duel with a couple pistol wielding snipers (cool model). He was wounded badly, killed one, healed, was shot up again and killed the second one. But at mission end he damn near got two levels up! I’d never seen that much with one operative before.

I don’t believe there are any changes to experience in this patch.

Happened to me once. That soldier just made a lot of damage compared to other soldiers.

Just updating now for a new camaign. Got to say am a little disappointed that recruitment hasn’t been fiddled with this time. If say 50% of havens didn’t update their training centres to elite versions it wouldn’t mean your circling the globe looking for a sniper. I thought that could have been a quick fix until the overhaul comes.

I started new Legend campaign with this Derleth update.
Literally first move, mission for Synedrion, 5 guys with Hephaestus handguns against my 4 boys, I succeed but they were injured badly, I will enjoy this level, :slight_smile:

On legend only first special mission from every faction harder, then on lower difficulty.

I suppose that along this:

Disabling certain Spawnery body parts now causes the target to receive more bleed damage per turn.

you should mention its Hit Points went from 1500 to 3600 :slight_smile: and armor on the biggest parts went from 10 to 40 and from 30 to 60. :smiley: Currently it is only Eggs worth to shoot at.

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