“Derleth” - I'm loving it!

This was a pleasant surprise. It warranted starting a new campaign.
Both of my opposable thumbs point up! Thank you for this patch!

New music and lair mission changes are making me moist. Damn good stuff.


I stopped playing a while ago waiting for these updates. I’m excited now to get back to playing. However, I’m stuck with Chimera Squad for now.

I so want to check it out, but I hate being forced to use pre-made characters - and after how expansive the sequel was, a budget title to test out new systems feels like a step backwards. I understand that it is so they have unique personalities to drive the story/narrative, but la)ck of customization really is a pet peeve in these squad-based tactical strategy games. It even took a while for me to get into Mutant Year Zero for those reasons (“OMG, I can’t use the amazing system from the pnp RPG to make my own mutant? Criminal man. Absolutely criminal.”)

I won’t even try both Gear Tactics and XCOM Chimera. They look quite shallow.

Taste in music is very personal, the new UI for trades is better, that’s for sure

First mission for Jerico was a surprise

The rebels had a Priest(mind control) in their squad

Well, yeah, currently it’s a $10 spinoff title. For that, I am somewhat impressed with its scope, but yeah, compared to a combined juggernaut of XCOM2+DLCs+WotC, Chimera Squad is a very modest offering. Still, for someone who got tired of issues plaguing main series, Chimera is a fresh thing to jump into. I don’t imagine replaying it though, unless some real nice mods pop up. Cutting a lot of abilities and freedom of order, unfortunately puts into focus how little there is to core XCOM mechanics (shooting/cover/movement). Being Firaxis, they don’t take proper advante of narrative possibilities its set up presents. Alien VO being bog standard human voices is highly distracting.

Still it lands in the awkward spot, where it doesn’t have scope and sparkles of XCOM2, but is tramped by something like “Into the Breach” as well. But as a wise man once said

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You rock. Tis all. That reply is what I feared. Will wait for discount after Firaxis XC3 Electric Boogaloo drops… just to catch up with “narrative” before its inevitable release.