BB4 perk questions

  1. +2 to a stat perk saves the more skill points the later it is taken since there is a stat buy skill point increment. Is this intentional? Seems like a very cheap poorly thought out design.

  2. Are proficiency +10% perks additive of multiplicative? If I have a 50% chance to hit, do I get a flat +10% and the end result is 60% or is it a 0.1 multiplier and I get 55%?

  3. Do I stop getting levels after I hit the seventh skill or can I level the soldiers indefinitely until I max everything? Important to know for party planning.

  4. Request: please paint passive and active skills differently in the selection screen.


I think it is intentional. Why do you think it is cheap design?

I suppose they are multiplicative. I mean that you have weapon base accuracy, let say that with range 15, so there is 100% chance so on range 30 you will have 50% chance to hit. With perk proficiency +10% on range you will have 110% and on range 30 you will have 55%. And if you will take another perk or skill which will grant +10% you will have there 120% and 60% chances accordingly. But well… who knows.