Diplomacy lag : is it a bug?

In a new playthrough with Festering Skies installed (feedback will come later), I went out of my way to improve my rep’ with New Jericho from -4 to +10 but, even after some 24 (in game) hours, no NJ Haven is open for trade yet, since all NJ leaders’ attitude is still at -4 : is it a bug ? I hadn’t played in a while but I seem to recall Havens’ attitude aligning on their faction’s pretty quick, if not instantly.
(And since I really need the trade, it’s a serious problem for my playthrough…)

It takes quite some time, for sure not 4 points in 24h. So I think it is not a bug.

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Thx. Did it changed in the last 9-12 months or was it always like that (and I just never noticed) ?

From my perspective it was always like that (even pre-release in Dec '19). Havens not affected by the player directly, took some time to align with faction standing towards Phoenix Project.