Question about character losses and added difficulty

So in the rebooted xcom it has been confirmed that there is code in the game that behind the scenes lowers your chance to hit and raises the chance to be hit if you don’t lose soldiers often enough. Do you plan to have this or a similar feature in the game?

timed missions suck too :stuck_out_tongue: please dont

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As annoying as Aim assist is, it doesn’t lower your chances to hit or raises the enemy’s. It’s strictly in favor of the player. That said, I’d be much happier if it wasn’t there. In this kind of game, all stats and rolls should be WYSIWYG. If you want to give players a buff in lower difficulties, show it on screen.

PS : If I’m wrong, point me towards the proof.


Chaos Reborn or Phoenix Point?

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I would guess PP as OP says “xcom” and “planned feature”, but true, not in PP subforum and without explicitly stating it’s about PP :smiley:

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+1 This is the single biggest reason why I don’t play XCom2.

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As far as I’m aware, the only hidden thing is the controversial aim assist, and removing it would take you five clicks (I know I edited it out during my first hour of play). XCOM 2 has its flaws but it’s still a good game and this shouldn’t deter you.

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i strongly disagree

that ‘feature’ was so damn annpying and frustrating it ruined the game for me and stopped me playing it through

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There was far more complex “added difficulty” generator in 1994 Xcom planned and kind of partially lets say … implemented

Quoting from Julian Gollop’s [1] at ‘Classic Games Postmortem - XCOM: UFO Defense’ at Game Developers Conference 2013:

“The way this worked was very simple. Basically, if you did very well on the last three previous tactical missions and you absolutely trounced the aliens, the aliens would ramp up their own technology level and deployments more quickly. If, on the other hand, conversely you did very badly, the aliens wouldn’t throw in some extra stuff. So it kinda adjusted the difficulty as you went along.”

This was never implemented, however. Instead it resulted in the now infamous difficulty bug.

Can you clarify which feature? The only hidden adjustment XCOM does is increase your chances to hit if things go wrong in all difficulties but impossible. I don’t like this feature either but it’s absurdly easy to disable it. That’s hardly the kind of thing that would prevent me from playing a game

Long War did a great job using two metrics : threat and resources. If you don’t threaten the aliens too much, they’ll focus on taking over the map, building bases, doing supply runs … If you go all out on them, they’ll increase bombing and terror missions, start sending trap UFOS (the infamous clown cars) but won’t have as much time and resources to expand.

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Is it something that can be turned off from the in game options menu?

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