My first Pandoran Colony, sigh ( EDIT: 12GB update worked!) :)

So as per title, I launched a mission against the first colony ive seen so far.

Problem is now though, my controller malfunctions every time I try to start this mission.

I can’t zoom in/ out, select a shot, hardly anything tbh.

Multiple attempts & reloads but no joy.

Advice or solutions anyone?


Im a very happy bunny!!!

When i fired up my Series X earlier today i noticed a 12GB update for Phoenix Point.

Long story short, my troubles are over, i now have full & total control over my squad when entering the Pandoran Base!!!

I can finally continue playing , great stuff!!!


Fulfilled to consider your to be as I would speculate I have a comparable issue, I am similarly bewildered and requiring light on this identical issue. Need help.