Priests "Mind Sense" in action

Actually I do a long run and can try almost anything.

My newest toy is the “Mind Sense” of a Priest, a passive (always active) skill on level 5.
The description in game:

All organic enemies within 15 tiles are automatically revealed

I would call it “detected” and not “revealed”, because it shows the red blibs as when you hear something nearby

Screenshot in a Pandoran Nest to show what happens:

And another Screenshot with an overview after moving the second Priest with Mind Sense:

I find it pretty handy to get an overview where enemies are especially in environments like these nests.

Edit @VOLAND because of an explanation in the Mentaculus:

Under in the general description you wrote:

There is a defensive-support side to the Priest, with Psychic Ward psychic ward that offers some protection to friendlies, and with Mind Sense Mind Sense that reveals enemies within 15 tiles, but in Phoenix Point you don’t need to be a psychic to spot most enemies much further away and the skill does not seem to be working at the moment anyway.

As for the last part, the skill works, as you can see above, but probably not the way you thought it would :wink:


Thanks, updated :slightly_smiling_face:


Btw, does Mind Ward work for you? I’m nearly certain it doesn’t protect against psychic damage (Siren, Terror and Priest scream), but I also had reports that sometimes it fails to protect against panic (though not IME).

I haven’t test it yet, but I will try it on the next Lair with a Terror Sentinel and then report here.

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I’ve got a Lair attack and tested some things with Mind Ward.


It really doesn’t protect at least against the Psychic Scream of a Terror Sentinel.

Screenshots with 2 Priests, both with Mind Ward and close to a Terror Sentinel

My turn right before the scream:

The scream:

The turn after, as expected -5 WP for the Priest => Mind Ward didn’t protect against it:

Later on after WP are completely down:

No panic at all of them, so it seems that this works as intended:


Little update:
Mind Sense don’t work with the “sleeping” Hoplits on the ancient sites (no blibs even when the Hoplit is right around a corner, this was a nice surprise for my Priest), but the Motion Detection Module does, probably on a shorter range (I assume 6-10 tiles, sadly the range is not documented for this module, it only says “nearby”).

Maybe a bug? I didn’t report it and now I have no more ancient site left :frowning:


it is not a bug, I think

Ancient ruins Guardians are special, you don’t use a Priest there, or viral or poison…

They are more machines than other thing

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Well, I use Priests everywhere, Franzy is always good … :wink:

Sure, that’s why I tested it and probably that’s also the reason why “Mind” Sense don’t work, these machines are simply mindless.
But they still have motion and the Motion Detection Module works. This explains it a bit, even when they should also without motion when they are not awaken. But I didn’t thought about it this way, makes somehow sense.

“Mind Sense” - imo, this is the “Sixth Sense”, the feeling of living - something “warm” in a specific direction.
But then, “Machine Mind” is something “cold”, with a less precise location.

Nerve impulses = Electromagnetic impulses, but what if it’s “Quantum Mind”?

add: I think you can feel it too, but it’s already bad. (Does he scan and analyze external information? So it has “Information Noise” around.)

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