Is psychic ward bugged?

I was under the impression that Priest’s Psychic Ward was supposed to protect all squad members within 10 tiles at the least from Psychic Scream from Sirens and Terror Sentinels, and possibly from Mind Control, and prevent them from panicking if their WP goes below 0.

However, it appears as though this skill does none of these things.

Is this a bug, or is it good for something else?

Definitely a bug. I have only experience after the Derleth patch. On the final mission I have 2 Priests with Psychic Ward along with the Exalted. Still haven’t advanced to the first room, but Sirens on the other side of the rooms are eating Will Power from units under Psychic Ward (some have double and triple protection). The only 2 units not losing Will Power are not close enough to the wall.

NOTE: I did just push an F12 bug report for this.

I think it’s a bug, too, I had a assault/priest LV7 with every skill and Moonshot mission, full squad inside the same building/floor , three sirens spamming I got soldiers in panic

Edit: although I didn’t count number of tiles