Priest With Disabled Head Able to Mind Control

I disabled the Priest’s head and the following Forsaken turn, she mind controlled one of my units. It shows the head’s HP as 0/60, but also shows they have their full complement of WP, even after mind control. Doesn’t mind control require the use of some will power on the first turn?


EDIT: To make matters worse, on my next turn I damage the Priest enough that they leave the map, but the unit is still mind controlled.

The amount of WPs the target has at the time of casting.

Thanks, the unit had just panicked, so that explains that part. But not how the priest should have had any herself.

That’s easy - it’s exactly the same as what happens with player’s soldiers, and all the other characters for that matter. Siren is the exception in that it loses all WPs when its head is disabled, but all the other characters only lose their ‘max’ WPs. Also, player’s Priests with disabled heads are still able to MC…

But one can only have max WP. I’m not arguing, just confused by “max” WP.

It’s the same as with max HPs. Disabling limbs can reduce max HPs. This doesn’t reduce the total HPs because the loss of max HPs is absorbed by the loss of HPs from the attack, unless the HPs of the disabled body part are less than the reduction in max HPs (this happens, for example, with the Spawnery eggs).

What happens with WPs is that loss of max WPs can be absorbed by previous losses of WPs. For example, Chirons have 30 WPs. Disabling the head, reduces max WPs by 20. So, whether the Chiron has 30, 29, 28…, 11 or 10 WPs, once you disable the head it will have 10 WPs. If it already had less than 10 WPs, disabling the head won’t have any impact on its WPs.

Conclusion: first reduce max WPs of enemies by disabling body parts, then kill their buddies to reduce their WPs further.

Sorry if the explanation is a bit convoluted…