Priest weapon exploit (this game just become much easier)

When you kill a triton its weapon usually disappears. No problem, mind control it using priest, put it next to your soldier end give tritons weapon to the soldier. I just got new NJ sniper rifle :smiley:


Priest is auto-win anyways. Why would you need weapons ? Or mind control for that matter :smiley:

I recommend heavy/priest combo. Jump in, kill 20 pandorans with one guy mind crushing. Earn 20 will points for the whole team, including your other 7 priests. Profit.

Priest with heavy? Is that really the best Combo? And why? I dont have a priest at Level 4 so please explain

I think anything works with maxed will priest when you have 8 of them spamming mind crush. Heavy is pretty … interesting, though because of high mobility combined with the perk that gives will points per kill for your team. Mind crush does not cost AP which is what makes it so overpowered and spamable after Jet Jump.

However, mind crush only takes out 100hp each so it is not an instant kill. I can see it if the group had been softened up with a grenade launcher or spider drones first.

I prefer priest/berserkers myself.

As @omenomaho says.

  1. Heavy can use jet pack (3AP/2WP) without fumbling (so you don’t care about putting skill points into speed)
  2. Heavy’s ability for level 6 is “inspire” which gives 1WP to everybody when the heavy kills an enemy
  3. Priest’s ability for level 7 is “mind crush” which costs 0AP/6WP which damages all enemies within 10 tiles for 100 (armor has no effect of course)
  4. It is not difficult to have a priest with 25/27WP by maxing his WP and choosing the correct head mutation => can do 4 consecutive mindcrush if needed

PS: regeneration uses 4AP and restores half your WP (so you get 12-13 WP back by sitting one turn with one of your priests)


It’s “only” 100 hp, yes. But it is spammable since it does not cost AP. Again, this only works for high will and you alpha rushing or having a good way of regaining Will. Once you get there it feels like cheating. Nothing compares. Not even rage burst (which you easily mix in for the one big guy since you are heavy).

I mean imagine instead of “softening them up” with the grenade guy first, having another priest jump in and use Mind Crush to “softening them up” followed by another priest jumping in to “finish them off”. It’s all about damage per AP and how well you can apply that damage. Mind Crush wins all categories except range - which you make up for with mobility. Usually ppl go assault, but assault drains all the will to get where heavy can go with 2 will.

Yep; forgot to put it but Heavy have rage burst and using a proficient weapon doesn’t fumble (except melee). So they can also use rage burst with sniper rifle if necessary.

So so so so OP.

Funny, but reading the title, this subject has derailed slightly.

:smiley: I’m sorry.

It is quite unfortunate. It’s a really cool class and my favorite fluff. Lots of possibilities, but whenever I think about things like mentioned in the OP I also think about how unnecessary all the fun stuff becomes ones you reach level 7. I used to drop the weapons on the ground before releasing the victims so they run around like headless chickens while I have fat loot.

Oh well. I’m gonna force myself not to use mind crush in my next play. Thinking stealthy priests using mind control as my main source of damage while trying to stay hidden - without the thief perk … Damn it sucks how many things you gotta exclude in order to not exploit the game :smiley:

In deed, I’m making my list for next play-through.

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I stand corrected. I am such a conservationist with WP points that honestly did not even dawn on me. I stand corrected.

Another cheese option with the priest (and this works best after the enemy has used Frenzy) is to mind control guys on 0WP. After you get them to unload on an enemy, release mind control, remind control them, and magic, they have full action points again. You can use a couple of priests to walk Chiron worms right back to the Chiron and pop in a single turn if you so choose.

If the target has 0WP, you can do this an infinite number of times, just don’t let them deliver the final blow on anyone. Tritons and Sirens can have a 0WP cap if you break their head though, so you can go all day long with them.

Mindcrush spam is a good way to get them down on WP - but if you know there’s going to be a target out of range left, this lets you deal with them.

There’s a lot about the priest which indicates he hasn’t been tested properly.

… and other characters to have at least 10 so that I can post this comment

This I think definitely qualifies as a bug.

How about this as a fix: make mind crush have diminishing returns. So the first time an enemy gets hit by it on the same turn, it does 100 damage, the next time 50, the next 25, the next 12, etc.?

Yea that’s one possibility. I’d experiment with will as defense stat too. 100% will = 0% damage and vice versa.

@omenomaho also works, maybe even better. Although perhaps something more like 100% WP = 95% resistance to mind crash, so that it would still do some damage.