Selecting second class for a grenadier

So, asking for some opinions here.
One of my starter assaults started with Strongman, I like giving the Goliath to assaults with Strongman.
But he also has Thief.

So I was considering, he’s going to be a grenadier either way but do I got /Heavy for Boom Blast or do I go Infiltrator for the stealth-damage grenades?

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Depends what you prefer. Two standard shots against same target or different targets, or one powerful shot. If I would double class then I would prefer Boom Blast over double damage modifier. Easier to perform and standard damage is good enough for me.

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I used to go assault/heavy,

strongman + Rage Burst + Deceptor against Scylla , close range after dashing is beautiul thing to watch

If you have also Biochemist , with RB, Scylla panicking is a possibility

Oh, yeah, I do have a heavy guns heavy in every team too, that’s one of the two builds I use. I like having a dedicated grenadier though.

Yeah, was considering Boom Blast is basically the only power that supports explosives as it is and being able to choose two targets is great. Was mostly wondering if someone had tried otherwise and had some enlightening results.

One good Combo is Heavy/Beserker. Beserker armor strip with boom blast will completely remove all armor off a target.

The 25% damage reduction makes the heavy armor very tanky. With NJ Heavy armor you will take a lot of 0 damage shots. Plus you are immune to limb damage. They have to hit with 60 damage just to do 1 hp of damage.

Immunity to mind control is nice as well as the ability that makes everything 1 AP will make your Cannon into a death Dealing machine.

Plus as the enemy does chip through their armor, you will start doing more damage and moving faster.

I really enjoyed the Combo.

I also tried heavy/priest combo.

This basically created a super priest. A lot of abilities are only 1 ap. The Special head mutations are really useful for a front line tank. Being able to jump in and take over 1 mind immediately was really nice. The only downside is you will go through a lot of willpoints fast with this build.

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I’m not having this experience with my heavy/priest. I can mainly mind-control worms, but not much else in february game-time. Most enemies come with so much WP that when it gets finally low enough to enable mind-control, it doesn’t matter anymore as I’m already about to win the match.

I enjoy controlling worms!

But seriously the usual MC are gunners. I have one team with three priests and a good scream or 2 will reduce even Tritons down that you can control them.

As a standalone, I would not recommend this combo. As a group they will turn the whole other side into your servants.

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Nice tip. I was going for 2 priest/squad but decided to get only one and only for frenzy. Now my 2 squads are already complete and I’ve started the 3rd, I’ll try more priests. Also, I totally forgot about the screams. Usually it takes days between my play sessions and I forget a lot of stuff =/

My 3rd team was a Heavy team to see how it worked. I have 2 Heavy/Assault, 1 Heavy Sniper, 2 Heavy/Beserkers, and 3 Heavy/Priests (2 Screamers and 1 WP Head). This team doesn’t need frenzy as all your mobility is Jumping around. Makes it super easy to get every WP point as this team is super WP hungry.

They so far are doing extremely well. Basically if I can’t MC, then I beat it to death.

They’ve been on a bunch of missions where they never kill anyone. They just panic everyone, grab the objective(s), and jump out.

Sometimes shooting the Pandorans with a viral gun makes mind-control easier.

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Pure heavy is already grenader and only rage burst is different.

Nice one too!

atm I only have the viral AR and it’s utter shit, couldn’t hit an elephant in front of the soldier with it.

Put more accurate armour on and otherwise get closer. Being strategic about your soldiers’ positions in the field is important.

Viral guns are op. You get hit twise and lose your soldier. Nothing can cure it. One of my soldier panicked and run into middle of 2 siren. At least, this did not changed from original xcom.

You don’t say! Right now in my situation it’s just better to kill them from a distance and not MC at all. Less risk. Why would I spend two turns (walking a lot without dash, then shooting and MC) or 2+ soldier’s entire turns to MC one enemy while probably leaving my soldier(s) vulnerable, if I can just kill all enemies instead? Now if I couldn’t kill them from a distance efficiently, then I would consider other strategies.

Of course there are a few times when this may be worthwhile, as in a situation where you’re overwhelmed by enemies (this almost never happens anymore), BUT… to be really efficient about it the best strategy would be to take a priest gang as mentioned before or the viral sniper rifle. Shoot from a distance, approach without much risk, control.

This is it. For this reason, you just do not use anything then raw weapon power. Rather then throw a grenade, i just shoot. For that reason, all of the grenades are useless and very weak compared to fire your weapon.

They were very OP before. Basic PX grenade is still useful for a bit of shredding and taking out some limbs, specially if it hits more than one enemy. However, I’d not experimented much with different grenade types and they’re interesting, specially the fire grenade - the damage is very different as the unit gets damaged again if walking inside the fire, and the smoke makes it difficult for you to fire in a target that’s inside or behind the fire. So, it’s not always the best choice. On this topic, I think the basic grenade could’ve a bit more of an advantage in raw damage and shred against other grenade types than it already does, to be more competitive.

HOWEVER I mostly do not use any grenades anymore, as you said. This comes from having one or two grenadiers on the team, as the GL launches much farther and has larger radius. That’s why I want GL ammo variants so much. If I did not use grenadiers in the team, maybe grenades would get more use.

So without starting a different discussion, try using some appropriate cover. This game provides lots of subtle alternatives to a simple brute force and ignorance approach. Understandably it takes a creative view point to notice the different strategies available.

Thanks again, captain obvious!

Serioulsy, I’m not trying to be a dick but you basically calling me a moron doesn’t help. I was pointing that there are much better options and tactics available since the beginning of the game than using one priest in heavy armor with the viral assault rifle and MC’ing one enemy. You don’t need to even try to be optimal to find that out.

If you really want to MC an enemy with 28 WP using a heavily armored priest with a very innacurate weapon because you like it or because it’s important in that particular mission, of course there are options. I particularly didn’t find any reason to do it in these conditions, but that’s me and my playstyle.